Travel Tips in Singapore to Save Your Budget!

Going on vacation with friends or family to the lion city is certainly an enjoyable experience. Moreover, travelling to Singapore costs not so expensive as well.  Not only that, Singapore offers affordable ticket price and a lot of cheap lodgings here. This lion country is the best choice for travelers on holiday. The main consideration is that the distance is very close and also they do not need to spend a lot of money. Even, they spend more money to travel in their own country, Bali is an example. There are a lot of fun and interesting places we can visit while in Singapore, such as the famous Chinatown area which provides a variety of cheap and nice souvenirs to buy.

When you come to Singapore for the first time, you definitely need some information about travel in Singapore. The information you need is for example about where the interesting place to visit and where to buy souvenirs. Also, you require how much money for a vacation to Singapore. In order to have more comfortable, fun and affordable vacation, you can consider following tips of travelling to Singapore:

1.         Map of Singapore

singapore map

To help you explore Singapore, firstly you should prepare the road map as tourist attractions in Singapore. The map can be obtained at Changi Airport as well as at the port harbor front. Usually, there are also some tourist information brochures. If you want to be simpler, you can browse a map of Singapore on the internet before leaving for a vacation there.

2.         Transport over in Singapore

singapore transport

During your holiday in Singapore, you can choose MRT or bus because they are more economical in comparison to the others public transportation. Besides, all the tourist attractions are near to MRT station, so that you are easier to find. You can also purchase a special season ticket namely STP (Singapore Tourist Pass) for riding LRT or MRT. So after arriving at the airport you can buy that in basement 2 terminal 2. It opens from 12:00 pm – 3:45 pm and 4:45 pm- 7:30 pm each day. Listen to guidance on how to take advantage of MRT in Singapore.

3.        Lodging in Singapore

singapore lodging

To seek to lodge in Singapore you can choose sharing room with another traveler or you can also select cheap accommodations such as inns and apartments to save the cost of our holidays. You do not need to look for the expensive ones as long as comfortable to rest.  This is because we are definitely go sightseeing outside and get to the accommodation usually evenings. We have to break for a trip tomorrow morning. The alternative location for inexpensive lodging is in Bugis or China town.

4.   Aist of tourist attractions in Singapore

singapore tourist attractions

Here are the tourist attractions in Singapore which are fun and interesting to visit during your holidays:

  •  Botanical garden (Tourist Park)
  •  Orchard Road (Shopping in Singapore because of its many malls)
  •  Merlion (You should take pictures here)
  •  Esplanade (close to the art gallery Marlion)
  •  Sri Mariawan Temple (Hindu temple located in the Chinatown area)
  •  Bugis Junction (Selling a variety of souvenirs)
  •  Singapore River (travelling down the river by boat)
  •  Singapore Flyer
  •  Singapore Zoo
  •  Universal Studios
  •  Resort World Sentosa and Sentosa island
  • MBS Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
  •  Chinatown

5.   It is important when a vacation to Singapore

  • Memorizing important phone numbers and emergency
  • If t you have holiday with family, look for cheap hotels for families
  • Exciting activity in Singapore: cable car ride, Singapore River, culinary, shopping in Chinatown
  • Places to buy souvenirs such as handicrafts ranging from key chains to bags in Chinatown which offer nice products with high qualities. If you want to buy jewelry or fabric can visit Little India.
  • A taxi from the airport to the hotel in Orchard Road around 20 dollars Sin compared to about 15 dollars sin in the Marina area.
  • Many choices of unique culinary you can enjoy in Singapore.

6.   Estimated Cost Holidays To Singapore

Estimated cost of saving holiday in Singapore for 3 days 2 nights:

  •  Tax Singapore: $ 24.
  •  Singapore tourist pass plus for 2 days: $ 26 (This card is access to ride the MRT, LRT, and Bus for in  Singapore. If we choose the plus we do not have a deposit, get a bonus on a ship at Marina Bay and the bus  ride level without a roof).
  •  Hostel for 2 nights: $ 44 (Hostel unique in Shophouse the Social Hostel).
  •  5 meal: $ 5 a meal so about $ 25.
  •  All prices are in Singapore dollars.

The costs above do not include air tickets and ferry. There are also travel agents in your country that offer tour packages to Singapore for 3 days 2 nights for about 2 million.

That is some information about travelling in Singapore along with vacation tips and travel guides. Hopefully, it can help those who will have a planning to go holiday in Singapore. Have a good vacation.

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