Travel Hacks You Need To Know This Holiday Season

Planning a travel is no mean feat. It requires lot of preparations and no matter how hard you try, you are bound to forget something. Mostly, the bell rings after you sit on the plane and relax. Or worse, you realize that what you forgot, just when you need them.
Travel Hacks
Here’s a list of travel hacks you need to know before venturing for a holiday this season:

The Phone Adaptor

Believe it or not, your phone charger is one thing that tops your checklist; still we manage to forget it many a times. In cases like such, use the USB port of the television in your hotel room as an adaptor to charge your phone.

Cheap Flight Tickets

Buying flight tickets can do a serious damage to your wallet. Make sure the booking is the first thing you do and that too try doing it on Sundays to get the best deal. Also, please don’t forget to clear your caches, history and browsing data before searching for tickets, as many online sites track how many times you have visited a site and change their fares accordingly.

Photocopies of Documents

There’s no harm in taking a photocopy of the important travel documents like hotel reservation booking receipt, passport, tickets etc to easily print them whenever needed. You can also simply click their pics and keep them in your phone handy for any urgent offline use.

Roll Up your clothes

Ideally it is advisable that you take the best of your ‘wash and wear’ clothes for a hassle free travel. It helps in allowing you to travel light. Still, if on your way back home, you need extra space for your souvenirs and gifts, create more space by rolling up your clothes instead of folding them. You’ll be surprised to see all that extra space in your old bag.

Your valuable travel storage- Your Sock

While you travel ensure that you store your delicate and breakable valuables in your sock to make it reach the destination in one piece. In fact, if you are carrying champagne or an expensive wine bottle for celebration, you can use your shoes to put it in, instead of just putting it flat in the suitcase, and increasing the risk of breakage.

Bringing home gifts

No travel is complete without buying gifts for the loved ones back home. Take care not to pack the gifts beforehand; no one will appreciate a wrinkled gift wrap. Instead, keep the gift wrapping paper aside and pack it just before you are about to give. Moreover, airport authorities can also open gifts to check bags.

Pack a Rope

As mentioned before, the best way to travel is by taking hassle free no-need-to-iron clothes. But in any case you need to wash your bare clothes, so instead of drying it on the back of the chair, you can use a rope to tie around in your room and use it as a washing line to dry your clothes on it. Not only will you be more organized, your clothes will dry in no time.

Name your luggage ‘FRAGILE’

It worked wonders when it comes to handling your luggage by the baggage people. Just putting a fragile sticker will save your suitcase being thrown away in the luggage and being piled up on. Handling automatically becomes careful with luggage having fragile label on them.

Invest in the important stuff

While you are spending so much in making those perfect travel arrangements, invest in a few very important things like a portable charger. This can be very useful especially if you are going on a long travel and in a new city. Also, buy compression socks to keep your blood flow regulated during long flight hours. It helps in avoiding clotting, especially in your ankles and thighs.
Downloading a good app for cab services will be an added advantage when travelling to a new city. You can book a cab within minutes and go anywhere you want. Also, it is far more reliable, certified and safe that the regular taxis.

Few tried and tested quick tips:

  • Fold your belt and store in the collar of your shirt. It will maintain the shirt shape and save the space needed for belt storage.
  • Place plastic wraps on the mouth of the shampoo, conditioner bottle before placing the cap, to ensure no spill inside the luggage.
  • If you are carrying a powdered makeup case, make sure you put a cotton ball on your makeup to avoid breakage during bumpy rides.
  • Store phone chargers and headphone cords in a sunglass case. It will prevent tangling.

Travelling is not only about visiting places, it’s about the overall experience of your journey. The more convenient your journey is; the experiences are more cherished. Go ahead make your travel memorable for all the good reasons.


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