Travel Admirers Agness and Cez: Friends for life with a passion for travel

When you’re in your 20s, life is all about parties, friends, adventures and exploration. On the work front, its climbing up the ladder in your job positions or settling up in your business. For most the ultimate goal is to follow the society norms of finding the right partner, marrying them and making kids.

There are very few daring kinds who defy the norms of the society and have the guts of give it all up to follow their instincts. As they say, it’s the toughest to do what we actually want to do, and for Agness and Cez, life is all about following their passion for travel and doing exactly what they want.

Meet Agness:


It’s not common to see a 23-year old beautiful girl working her way through all odds just to travel. Agness, the free spirited girl who wishes to travel and don’t carry the burden of regrets in her life, makes the most of her trips and ensures her readers gets the best out of her experiences.

A University graduate, Agness can speak Polish, British English, Spanish, Catalan, basic German and Chinese. Her love for learning new languages makes her travels a lot easier. With her love for photography, blogging and music, Agness lives her travel dreams to the fullest.

Being a true backpacker, Agness earns her travels and prefers buying one way tickets to her destinations. She spends considerable amount of time in a place to completely understand the culture and traditions of the country. She earns her way back from the destination to undertake another adventure. While she completely dismisses the idea of travelling in an all-inclusive package, she admits her backpacker trails are not always comfortable. But then, that’s life, that’s how you learn. She pens down her experiences and tries to give as much information as she can to her travel buddies and fans.

Meet Cez:


A highly successful banker looking to make his way to the top of the hierarchy level suddenly quits everything and leaves to explore the streets of Vietnam, how often do you hear that? Cez was a guy who had failed his high school exams. Collecting himself back together, he went on to study higher and finished his MBA with a $16000 scholarship. He got in one of the best banks in the world and for once had his life sorted before realizing that this is not what he really wanted to do.

For a person who did not know how to speak English, Cez knows what it is to work hard with full time jobs, full time studying and learning a foreign language to survive. This experience came in handy when he decided to start is voyage. He knew how to survive in odds and had no intentions of making things luxurious for himself. All he wanted to do was to explore like a free bird.

He always wanted to travel but had pushed the idea at the back of his head to achieve his target of being educated and get settled. Agness, his best friend, brought back his yearning to travel and he too decided to travel like a nomad. The two best friends, although not always travel together, share their love for their nomadic life and identify with each other’s dreams of seeing the whole world devoid of swanky hotels and lavish pools.


From just being an idea of expression by the two best friends to being included in the world’s best 100 travel blogs; Agness and Cez has come a long way with The name eTramping is not regular and that is why it is loved by all. eTramping emphasizes on their tramping (which means leaving the comfort zone and travelling for cheap) association with internet. was born out of the idea of informing other passionate and intuitive backpackers like them about the various ways in which they can travel cheap, almost across the entire world. The agenda was to remove the biggest hurdle from their way of traveling- MONEY. The voyages of Agness and Cez prove that you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel the world. In fact, if you are the one who sought true local experiences- backpacking with only the money sufficient for basic survival is all you need.

Agness and Cez were completely unaware of the IT involved in setting up and promoting a site when they started eTramping but today, it is the Pandora box of all their adventures, stories, and experiences.


Agness and Cez

What makes eTramping a backpacker’s guide

  • It doesn’t give you an all rosy picture about travel. Instead, it talks about real travel experiences where you see the stunning vitas, get scammed, live in basics, but still enjoy every moment of it.
  • The site is full of earning opportunities in various countries. It offers great insights about the options you can select to travel and earn while staying in another country.
  • The experiences written do not boast of any fancy language or dictionaries. The tone is casual and the language simple to make everyone follow exactly what is being expressed. The simplistic straight- from- the- heart tone of the site is what makes it so popular with its readers.
  • Agness and Cez do not make cheap sound super cool. Their experiences clearly advocate adjusting in all conditions and assures that while cheap isn’t always comfortable, you can try your best to make it sufficient for you to be happy.
  • The photographs on the blog are too good and the expressions captured are so real that they instantly connect with the readers and it’s clear that Agness and Cez play hard and work hard at the same time. is Agness and Cez’s way of showing the world that following your passion is the best way to live the one life you are given. They tell the world that you don’t need to save money and travel the world. Money is just a means that you can earn while traveling too. All you have to do is get out of your comfort zone and embrace your passion.



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