Top 10 Street Foods to Taste in Chennai – [Infographic]

The main thing that comes into the mind when you think about Chennai’s street food scene is probably its breakfast specialties including dosas, idlis, puris, and vadas. It may not be well-known as Mumbai, Delhi or Hyderabad when it comes to delicacies like kebabs, but surprisingly there are many appetizing delights in the form of Sundal, Boli, Kothu Parottas, and instantly energizing Filter Coffee, which you can try from its small stalls as well as open-air markets.

With its vibrant colors, irresistible flavors, and extensive varieties, these street foods are sure to draw you from one stall to other, dotted across the city. Visiting street markets and savoring these foods is further a great way to know the authentic culture and feel the real essence of this metro city.  Are you in Chennai or planning for a Chennai trip? Then here is a compilation of the city’s top 10 street foods that would satisfy every taste bud.



That brings an end to our list of must-try street foods in Chennai. These are not only exceptionally delicious and reasonably priced, but also sure to make your Chennai trip a unique and memorable experience.

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