Top 10 Street Foods to Taste in Bangalore – [Infographic]

It is known to all that Bangalore is the IT hub of India, but little may be known to many that it’s a gourmet paradise as well, which has to its credit one of the country’s most authentic and thriving street food scenes. In fact, a smorgasbord of culinary delights fills the streets of Bangalore, gratifying every taste imaginable.

Fascinatingly, the Garden City is home to a good number of eateries in the form of charming cafes, elegant bistros and even restaurants offering Michelin star experience – all of which have redefined the concept of what it’s like to dine from outside. But the tantalizing flavors of spicy kebabs, hot masala dosas, and effervescing filter kaapi that drift from street food outlets would for sure urge you to cancel any idea of dining from a top-notch restaurant and instead step into one of these outlets.

The narrow labyrinths of Shivaji Nagar, Mosque Road and the fabulous Thindi Beedi, known for its all-vegetarian treats, are all packed with foods kiosks and makeshift stands, leaving you in awe with an irresistible array of delights on every corner. Whether it’s a classic Mughlai fare or traditional South Indian specialties like idli and vada, or exotic sandwiches, there are plenty of amazing choices to broaden your taste buds when you’re in Bangalore. Here are a few of them.

banglore street foods

So next time when you visit Bangalore, make sure that you experience the city’s incredible culinary landscape by enjoying some of its scrumptious street foods on the go!

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