Things to Carry when Travelling to Dubai from India

Dubai, with its extravagant tourist attractions and beautiful skyline, brings in millions of tourists from all around the world. However, due to the strict conservative rules implemented in the city, a few tourists do face some inconveniences owing to laws they are unaware about. To ensure you will enjoy your stay in Dubai, we have put up a packing list for Dubai which consist of items to and not-to pack.



In recent years, Dubai has eased up on their conservatism. However, it better to be safe than sorry. Pants, jeans, and shorts are allowed as long as they are, at minimum, knee length. Any tops are allowed as long as they cover the entire torso and shoulders, while not being see-through.

For the blistering summer, wear light airy clothes made up of cotton or linen. Do remember that due to the humidity, clothes take longer to dry. So make sure to pack in some extra clothes. A scarf or a light jacket would be of help in the cool winter nights, and in malls where the air-conditioners are on full blast. A t-shirt and a knee length shorts are considered acceptable for frequent joggers and individuals who like to hit the gym.

Swimwear such as bikinis and swim shorts are allowed to a certain degree. Make sure that they cover as much skin as possible. Swimwear is allowed only at the beach, swimming pool and water parks. However, do wrap up with a towel or normal clothes as you travel to and from the pool or beach to your room.



Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen are a must, given that the city is in the middle of the desert. Most accessories are allowed as long they are not nationalistic or pornographic in nature. In addition, any items which are considered anti-Islam or anti-national are illegal in Dubai. Sandals, flip-flops and shoes are preferable in the hot desert sand.

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Do remember to pack your laptop, tablet, mobile phones, chargers, socket extensions and your universal socket. Any electronics powered by lithium batteries are not allowed in Dubai. It is important to remember that taking pictures of strangers without asking permission can land you in jail.


Drugs such as cannabis and hallucinogens are illegal in Dubai. There are also 365 different medications that have been made illegal in Dubai recently. Many of these medications are over the counter medications or general prescribed medication around the rest of the world. Tourists, however, are exempted if they have a doctor’s prescription and a medical health certificate. The Dubai government has put up the list of illegal medication on the website. Tourist on medication must check this list before traveling.

Reading Material


Any books which are considered anti-Islam or anti-national by the Dubai government are illegal. Pornographic materials are also illegal.


Vaccination and Insurance

Remember to get vaccinated for your travel. Vaccinations for DTP, MMR, polio, rabies, hepatitis A and B are recommended. Remember to get travel insurance in case you need to be admitted in a hospital.

Food Items

The list of banned food items in Dubai is quite short. Although Paan Masala is allowed in Dubai, paan and betel leaves are banned in Dubai. In addition poppy seeds and any home cooked food are banned in Dubai. Pickles cannot be carried to Dubai on flights, both domestic and international. They are not allowed in checked or carryon luggage even if you are passing through Dubai.

General Items

Any items which are considered pornographic, anti-national or anti-Islam are banned in Dubai. Products which are made trademarked or originate from Israel and other boycotted countries are illegal in Dubai. In general psychotropic medication are banned, but allowed for a maximum of 30 days with a doctor’s prescription. E-cigarettes and laser pens are also banned.

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Travellers should know about prohibited items to be taken on a flight to Dubai. Here are Dubai’s prohibited items on flights

  1. Any kind of narcotic drugs
  2. Imported goods from boycotted or banned countries.
  3. Goods with Israeli origin bearing their trademarks or logo.
  4. Cruel animal products like Ivory and Rhino horns.
  5. Machine, tools used for gambling.
  6. Thick fishing nets.
  7. Any material prints, engravings, lithographs, statues or sculptures.
  8. Old, repurposed and inlaid tyres.
  9. Live pigs.
  10. Substances polluted by radiation.
  11. Literature, art, pictures, or statues that are against Islamic teachings, or simple decency.
  12. Vape machines, electronic hookah or E-cigarettes.
  13. Goods whose importation is prohibited under U.A.E. customs laws or other laws of the country.
  14. Counterfeit currency.
  15. Homemade or cooked foods.
  16. Any item that could be used for a weapon like pepper spray, knives, and guns.

Also, public display of affection, staying with a person of the opposite sex, public drunkenness, taking drugs, writing a cheque that bounces, using a card that declines, staying at a hotel without an adult if you are under 18, public dancing and importing pork is illegal.

Despite all the rules and regulations, Dubai is home to world famous attraction like the world tallest skyscraper, the largest fountain and Asia’s largest mall which all make the city a once in a lifetime visit.



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