Top 10 Street Foods to Taste in Kolkata [Infographic]

You’re never away from scrumptious treats when you’re in India’s cultural capital, Kolkata. After all, it boasts of a great street food trail that embraces both local tastes and inspirational flavors from across the country as well as the world. Selling everything from quick, easy snacks like Churmur, Samosa and Bhel Puri to refreshing drinks such as mango lassis or a cuppa of lemon tea, the mind boggling array of Bengali food stalls, push carts etc will certainly leave you in awe.

In fact, it’s difficult to ignore the irresistible aromas wafting through the air, as you wander along Kolkata’s Dacre Street, China Town, College Street etc. Quite evidently, you would end up in a food stall creatively preparing spicy treats by way of kathi rolls wrapped with minced meat or different varieties of flavorsome cutlets or traditional Bengali delicacies like phuchka served with a lot of tamarind chutneys. Moreover, the Bengali version of papri chaat, exotic Mughlai parathas, and Indian Chinese fusion of noodles and chow mien can even make for a delicious full meal.

Wish to dig into Kolkata’s authentic food culture? Check out our list of top ten street foods that allows you to discover the region’s culinary side and also pick up a slice of intriguing Bengali history and traditions.


Kolkata Street Foods


If you’re planning a trip to Kolkata, be sure to delve into its interesting street food culture. There is so much to eat and explore in the place.

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