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Not every day you come across people who are in true love. Yes, Siddhartha Joshi is in true love- with people. Surprised? This celebrated traveler, designer, blogger and wanderer is in forever love with people. He loves to meet new people, known more about their cultures, their day-to-day lives and inspire the world with their simple yet intriguing stories.
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For Siddhartha his award winning travel blog- The Wanderer happened by chance. He decided to pen his stories while toying with ideas to spend the evening at Almora in the Himalayas. He is a simple guy with a regular full time job. His undying urge to travel and know more about people and their culture first made him a weekend traveler. While some prefer leaving their regular jobs for pursuing their love for travelling, Siddhartha thinks otherwise. He believes having a regular source of income helps him go on to the trips of his choice and enjoys them the way he wants.

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Travelling has been an integral part of Siddhartha’s life since his early days. During his childhood he moved as a result of regular transfers from one place to other across India, and that’s when he realized how much he enjoys calling not one single place his home yet feeling that everywhere he lives is his home. Travelling for him mostly happens on weekends, and he gets exclusive invites from the tourism boards across the world too.

Siddhartha’s accomplishments speak exceptionally of his love for travelling and his talent in writing and photography. His blog- The Wanderer is voted as one of the top blogs of India by many national and international travel sites like Thrillophilia – Top 25 Indian Travel Bloggers, Holidify – The Ultimate List of the Top Travel Bloggers in India You Must Know, and many more. His account is also rated as one of the top Instagram accounts to be followed in India. He has many interviews featured on top brands like the DNA, Flip Nomads, Fourway Travels, Born to Bunk, and Magazine 3. Featured in India’s top newspapers like The Times of India and The Hindustan Times, Siddhartha has too many feathers in his cap.

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For what was just a humble beginning of sharing experiences through the blog, Siddhartha’s ‘The Wanderer’ has become one of the very popular and followed blogs in India and abroad. Currently, Siddhartha is working on two new projects: first is his first ever YouTube channel through which he intends to widen his reach and second is his project called ‘ Tell me Your Dreams’ in which he intends to collect a dream of one stranger every day and share it to the world with their stories. This unique project is a 365 day project which is scheduled to end on 31st December 2015.This project has been very fulfilling for Siddhartha as he loves meeting new people. Different people with varied and sometimes unique dreams have made his project a very exciting and interesting read.

Siddhartha strongly feels there are no shortcuts. Making a career as a travel blogger needs a lot of hard work and demands passion for travelling as its basic requirement. As a tip to the aspiring bloggers, Siddhartha indicates towards having a very good knowledge of SEO as it helps in promoting your blogs and helps it reach the maximum audience. Also, it is of extreme importance that one should find a niche he/she is interested in and work dedicatedly towards it.

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Taking pictures of strangers and capturing the captivating smiles of people from different walks of life has been a passion of Siddhartha. His amazing photography skills have earned him over 7.5K followers on Instagram. His photos speak volumes of his encounters with people and places and give us a lot to think over.

The subtle innocence and uniqueness of Siddhartha’s blog and amazing photography, instantly connects with the viewers. With his project ‘Tell me your dream’, his followers can expect another masterpiece created with passion and sheer love for people.


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