Shivya Nath- The Shooting Star of her own dreams

Almost everyone wishes to travel the world and see places that are even hard to imagine, but how many of us can actually do that? Travelers like Shivya Nath compels us to think why we have subdued our desires over the norms of the society and are trapped in the vicious circle of earning, spending and vacationing with the meager amount left. Living a life where we keep our passion for travelling at the last and making it a slave of savings is what most have done, but not Shivya Nath.

Let’s get to know about this shooting star of her own dreams who dared to give her passion for travel and experiences its rightful place in her life and inspired so many to shed the inhibitions and pursue their dreams.

Shivya Nath

About Shivya Nath:
Born and bought up in the pampered home under a protective environment with her parents in Dehradun, Shivya first travel abroad to Singapore for her further studies on a student loan. After 2 years of study, she secured a job for herself that assured her that she can now pay her loan. But the little butterfly within her that wanted to break the bounds of the cubicle and fly out in the limitless sky kept giving her sleepless nights. Finally, she started thinking towards travelling (initially, during weekends or by taking small breaks). She started reading more about how to travel and earn a living when she came across the big Facebook contest run by Air Asia. She applied, and as luck would have it, she won herself return tickets to France.

After her 1st month in the alpine countryside of the beautiful Europe, and another month in the Himalayan ranges, there was no looking back for Shivya. She had discovered her calling, her true love- Travelling. After a careful research and weighing of options, she decided to freelance social media handling, a skill she learnt as an intern and fuel her travel dreams. Today, after almost 5 years of living a nomadic life, she is still travelling with no regrets and has recently in March 2015 wrapped up a 6 month long journey to different countries of Central and North America.

How Shivya Travels:
Unlike what most believe Shivya is not a backpacker, but planned and fixed itinerary is also not her preferences. She likes to travel extensively at a place sans the famous hotspots and explore the unexplored parts of the place. She prefers home stays that allows her to get to know the people, culture and cuisine.

Although she prefers on saving money by not splurging on shopping and sightseeing of tourist attractions, she does give her adrenaline rush a breather by opting for adventure sports. Enjoying the people, place and everything unknown about it is what drives her through her expeditions.

Her Blog: & her Accomplishments
The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath is home to all of Shivya’s expeditions till date and means the world to her. She treats it as a platform to connect with her fellow travelers, dreamers, aspirants, critics, and fans. The blog serves as a life book of Shivya Nath- the traveler and gives an insight about her life so far as a explorer. The blog has won her many awards and accolades in the small span of less than 5 years.

Blog Statistics:
Monthly views: 80,000+
Unique monthly visitors: 40,000+
Blog subscribers: 10,000+
Facebook fans: 14,700+
Twitter followers: 15,400+
Instagram followers: 6,900+
Klout: 72

Her Accomplishments:
Shivya Nath
From Times of India to Vogue, BBC to NDTV; Shivya Nath has featured on all the leading publications for her feat as a travel blogger. After being awarded as Best Indian travel blogger at Indian Blogger Awards in the year 2013, Shivya was again voted as Best Indian Travel Blogger by Vogue India in the year 2015. If you thought the year 2014 went sleepy, Shivya received the India’s Best Young Social Media Professional at CMO Asia Awards for her work as a social media handler which she carries out for living while she travels the world.

She has also featured as the Top 3 Best Asian Travel Blogs by Go Desti, featured on BBC travel and interviewed by NDTV regarding her travel expeditions. Shivya has been featured in THE HINDU, a leading Indian newspaper along with National Geographic Traveler India, The Huffington Post, Femina, Economic Times, Business Standard, Thrillophilia, and so many more. We can safely say- it has all just begun.

Shivya today is a traveler, blogger, explorer and an entrepreneur in her own right, on her own terms and as her own boss. NO, she is not just a lucky girl to be able to pursue her dream of travelling across the globe. There is a great deal of hard work, positive intellectual thinking, and a zeal towards making her dream come true that has made Shivya a known and respected name in the travel blogging industry.

Shivya has extensively travelled to Africa, Asia, Australia, Caucasus, Europe, India, Latin and North America, and the Middle East, and needless to say, it’s just the start of her incredible journey with no worries about the future and regrets about the past. She is a bird with wings who lives in the present and makes the most of it by fulfilling what gives peace to her soul- Travel and exploring the world.

We wish her all the best in her journey of life.

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