Revati & Charles- The Uncommon Travelers

In this new digital media age, travel and blogging almost go hand in hand. While most travel out of passion, they blog mainly for helping the others alike and in the course earn a little bit of extra income too that comes as a bi- product.

There are some great travel blogs available today, but our travel admirers Revati and Charles Victor have a cut above many for being different (literally). Through their blog- different, the couple, along with the mainstream experiences offers the readers an insight to the uncommon and often left out unique things that make a place truly memorable.

About Revati & Charles-

Revati and Charles
There’s nothing better than to find a soulmate with similar interests and passions. The same happened with the married couple from Mumbai- Revati and Charles Victor. This amazing duo works in advertising for sustenance and travel to make life worth living. Their trip to Paris had a deep impact and it was during this trip that they discovered the wanderlust in them. It won’t be wrong to say that they work not only for their living but for their travel breaks.

The best part about the travel experiences of Revati & Charles is the fact that they don’t travel a destination on its superficial level, instead they take a dive in to the depth of the place and connect with the locals. The culture, food, people and their regular lives inspire them and they dig out the uncommon experiences from their trip to present it to their fans all across the globe.

While Revati is from Pune, Charles hails from Bengaluru and they both live in Mumbai where they work as advertising professionals. The couple always meticulously plans their trip, and research well about the destination specially the food but they can simply go anywhere in Europe without any detailed planning as the couple are in love with it. They enjoy blogging as it connects them with other likeminded people and aims to help them get inspired and travel differently.

While the couple adores travelling, they also love their work and believe that’s what creates a balance in their lives. They enjoy both their passion and means of livelihood equally and do not advocate leaving job for travelling. They live to create fond memories of opening different doors of experiences.

Their Favorites- Paris being their all-time favorite destination, Revati & Charles credit the city for changing their way of looking at travel. Cooking is another area they love to dabble upon. While both call themselves as amateurs, their favorite hobby is to recreate the cuisines they’ve tasted and liked on their expeditions across the world. For souvenirs Revati & Charles shop for groceries from different parts of the globe and use it in their kitchen.

The Blog-

different doors
Started as an attempt on a spare evening in 2011, their blog today has thousands of followers on social media. With Revati’s exceptionally good content and Charles’s impeccable photography, the blog makes for a perfect pick for any traveler. What makes intriguing is the effort put in the research, dwelling out unusual experiences and presenting it to the readers in a beautiful way. has been featured on several prestigious lists for being uncanny and making a difference for the readers. The blog has been featured as one of the best blogs of 2014 by The Luxe Insider, Best Travel bloggers to lookout for in 2015 by Tripoto and Flipkey as one of the Top couple travel Bloggers to follow. They are also featured on the Luggage List, Holidify, Luggage List and many more. The amazing couple has been interviewed by Artily, Justin Plus Lauren, Karoline Patryk for their travelling experiences. Revati & Charles’ s blog has also been highlighted in the style files section of The Culinary Travel Guide.

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What makes different:
The very topics covered like the hotels, food, heritage, accessories that goes beyond just the destination is what makes the blog super interesting. From discussing the heritage places and values of a destination to helping the fellow travelers with some of the coolest accessories to make their travel easy, light and more interesting; the couple does it all. The review of accommodations range from budget to the luxurious and they ensure it covers every possible aspect required to make a decision.

Their heritage section has discussed some of the famous heritage sites in a completely different light, thus, ensuring we see the place differently. Their love for history, architecture and archeological sites is so clearly visible from their writing. Not to forget their love for food. With their different travel expeditions they get varied culinary experiences, and the compelling writing style along with the impeccable pictures makes it too tempting for the readers. All you want is to pamper your taste buds with those savored tastes. From tasting the best of South Indian cuisine of Kerala to be able to cook in the Barcelona’s kitchen, the website takes a look at food from the eyes of a traveler. Everything on the website is an example of the couple’s passion, style and persona.

Revati and Charles with the help of bring to us the uncommon side of travel and encourage the readers to travel deep and not just on the shallow level. They believe that hot tourist spots need not be the only ones visited, the roads less travelled have the places that can best define your journey and the destination. Well, we couldn’t agree more!

There’s a lot achieved and so much more to accomplish for this amazing couple.

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