12 Best Places to visit in Pattaya for Honeymoon you’d not want to miss

Pattaya is one destination loved by adventurers, laid- back vacation seekers and honeymooners alike. Nestled along the east coast of Thailand enveloped with unimaginable beauty of white sandy beaches and mountainous backdrop; Pattaya is loved by singles and couples alike.

A perfect setting for a honeymoon, Pattaya beckons you to start your married life in the comfort of some of the most luxurious resorts, best of the sightseeing, and finger licking seafood.

Here are the 12 best places to visit in Pattaya while you are on your honeymoon.

1. Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach Pattaya
Start your honeymoon by relaxing at the Jomtein beach. Cuddled in the arms of your soulmate, enjoy the serene view of the calm blue vast ocean stunning vistas. Whether you want to soak in the warmth of the sun or sleep under the shade of the palm trees, the peace of the Jomtein beach is the perfect way to enjoy the initial days of your married life.

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2. Nong Nooch Village
Nong Nooch Village
One of the most remarkable gardens in Thailand, the Nong Nooch Village offers a treat to your senses with a spectrum of some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers in the world. The perfectly landscaped gardens and the fun zoo is sure to make your day great and your mood refreshed. Ask your hotel, usually door- to- door transport is easily available.

3. Mini Siam
mini siam pattaya
So what you haven’t yet visited all the wonders of the world, come to Mini Siam and see the wonders of Thailand and the world in their miniature forms. A fun place to spend your day and click some great shots, Mini Siam has some of the best worked models of international sites including Statue of Liberty, Sydney’s Opera house, Bangkok’s Victory Monument and many more.

4. Walking Street of South Pattaya
Walking Street of South Pattaya
Walking Street is the name derived of the fact that post 6pm in the evening, no vehicles are allowed in this street and its open to all the tourists. Walk hand in hand on this glittery beach road and enjoy the nightclubs, beer bars, sumptuous restaurants, street food stalls, and an infectious energy. Almost completely deserted during the day time, it becomes alive at night with thumping music, vibrant energy and colorful neon lights.

5.Sanctuary of Truth
Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya
One of its kind teak structure of the world, the Sanctuary of truth is one place you must visit. Giving a deserving spiritual touch to your fun filled honeymoon, this place offers the calm and peace that helps you soak in the happiness you’ve received with your eternal bonding with your partner. What makes this centuries old sanctuary as one of the best places to visit for your honeymoon is the fact that none of the wood used in this beautiful structure has been chemically protected or maintained but still exudes the timeless charm and looks like built recently.

6. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not
ripleys believe it or not pattaya
Believe it or not but you finally get a chance to see the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum in person in Pattaya. With over 300 exhibits to astonish your mind and beliefs, this place can easily be the best part of your vacation in Pattaya. Proving you that truth is stranger than fiction, this incredible place is an experience you just can’t miss.

7. Underwater world Pattaya
underwater world pattaya
Whatever you think, rest assured a trip to the underwater world is unlike anything you experience at any marine museum. Not only you can spend the day admiring the exotic marine life, you can also spend a night with these water animals and feed the sharks. You can also book for special snorkeling and scuba diving sessions make your trip all the more enjoyable and adventurous.

8. Naklua
naklua pattaya
This small town of Naklua will give you a much needed respite from the city and introduce you to the world of the locals. Enjoy the vibrancy of the fish market and shop for local souvenirs from the night market. Enjoy delicious food at the local restaurants here and relish a day experiencing the local village life.

9. Khao Chi Chan
khao chi chan pattaya
This is a must visit place to see the largest stone engraving of Buddha in the entire world. It’s a mixed feeling of awe and humility to see this huge Buddha engraving looking down upon you as if giving a blessing. Clubbed with various scenic attractions nearby, this place makes for an enjoyable destination.

10. Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary
Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary
Visit the protected rainforests of the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary has abundance of scenic green beauty to admire along with the sanctuary’s main attraction- the Flight of the Gibbon. This 3kilometre zip line Gibbon course gives you a chance to experience this beautiful Thai jungle in an unforgettable way. Further, you can enjoy at the two hanging sky bridges to add to your day of fun and adventure.

11. Art in Paradise
art in paradise pattaya
Beating all the traditional assumptions of an art gallery, Arts in Paradise boasts of topical illusions of which visitors can be a part of. Take a shot from the right angle and you won’t believe the picture. Whether it is the magic carpet in the desert or swimming with dolphins in the ocean; the Arts in Paradise is definitely a picture perfect place.

12. Pattaya Floating Market
Pattaya Floating Market
Locally known as “Four Regions Floating Market”, the Pattaya floating market allows you to have a freshly made breakfast while boating, buy fresh fruits and veggies from the floating buyers and enjoy the souvenirs such as handicrafts, art and clothing. Don’t’ worry of the variety, you have over 114 vendors floating in the market, you’ll surely find something interesting.

Best time to visit Pattaya: November to April

With beguiling range of attractions as distinctive as the place itself, Pattaya is a glittering jewel in the crown of Thailand. From the ancient traditions to the ultra-modern adventures, Pattaya has everything, a much in love honeymoon couple is looking for. So wait no more, pack your bags and head to Pattaya today!


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