Places to Visit during Monsoon in Maharashtra

Maharashtra during monsoons becomes extremely picturesque. Green mountains, amazing waterfalls, flowing lakes and pristine beaches; all are at the peak of their beauty during monsoon. Maharashtra is full of mesmerizing locations that can make any trip worthwhile, especially during the wet weather.

While you know about the most famous places in Maharashtra during monsoons like Lonavala, Khandala, there are many other unbelievably beautiful places you must add to your bucket list this monsoon season.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat
Engulfed in lush green hills and breathtakingly beautiful numerous waterfalls, Malshej ghat is a treat during monsoons. If you want to pleasure yourself with some unforgettable views, drive to Malshej ghat and see placid lakes and splendid valleys on your way. Malshej ghat is also very famous for its flora and fauna. Flamingo birds travel all the way from Europe to this place to be here during monsoons. It is a sought after place for activities such as hiking, trekking, and bird watching. You can find good spa resorts for a relaxed stay.

  • Distance: 127km from Mumbai by Road
  • Famous For: Ajoba Hill Fort, Harishchandragard Fort, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam


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It is not a very well known destination and that works best for it as it is still untouched by commercialization and the beauty of this place is still virgin. Situated in the lap of Sahayadri ranges and engulfed with dense forest, Durshet is a place full of beautiful waterfalls. The pristine Amba River flowing through the forests adds a subtle tranquility to the place. Try rock climbing, trekking and river crossing or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful place close to the nature.

  • Distance: 100kms from Mumbai by Road
  • Famous for: Hot water springs, Amba river, Waterfalls


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Located in the misty Sahyadri mountain ranges, Karnala is a perfect weekend getaway if you want to relax in the lap of lush green forests, beautiful hills and stunning waterfalls. The place also has the famous Karnala fort to explore the history and the Karnala bird sanctuary to bring you close to the rare species of exotic chirping birds.

  • Distance: 50kms from Mumbai
  • Famous For: Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Karnala fort, Waterfalls

Lohgad Fort

Lohgad Fort
The ruins of this fort of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj become a sight to behold during monsoons. Greenery everywhere, the fort has a place called the ‘Wind Spot’. The beauty and feel of the place is sure to make your trip worthwhile. The fort and its neighboring areas are covered in different shades of green and mesmerizing breeze, thus, making it a perfect picnic spot.

  • Distance: 95kms from Mumbai
  • Famous For: Lohgad fort, Bhaja Caves


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Thoseghar Falls is known to be one of the best waterfalls to visit near Mumbai. Other than this, the Thoseghar village near Satara is filled with many breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls that cover up a height of 20 to 500 meters. This is an ideal place to relax and unwind in the charming view of surroundings with blissful sound of waterfalls.

  • Distance: 280kms fro Mumbai
  • Famous For: Sajjangardh fort, Waterfalls


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The tranquility of Matheran is infectious and that is why it is flocked by tourists during monsoons. For those who think with so many tourists, it will be crowded, you are wrong. Matheran does not allow vehicles and hence when in Matheran, you won’t hear the horns, won’t inhale polluted vehicle smokes and no more traffic jams. Travel like the early times either in a rickshaw or horses and enjoy clouds that practically descend on you. It is a perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend.

  • Distance: 83 kms from Mumbai
  • Famous For: Charlotte lake, Prabal Fort


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A quiet little place near Mumbai on the Mumbai Goa highway, Kolad is famous for its sprawling lake surrounding the green hills and milky waterfalls. Adventurous crowd flock the Kundalika River for river rafting and add amazing experience to their getaway. If not for river rafting, visit Kolad for its quietness, peace and beauty, and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

  • Distance: 122kms from Mumbai
  • Famous For: Kolad Museum, Tala Fort, Kuda Caves, Bhira Dam


Koyana dam
Enjoy the scenic beauty of ‘mini Kashmir’- Tapola. Majorly known for its beautiful Shivsagar Lake, strawberry farms and Koyana dam, Tapola is full of greenery, flora and fauna. The famous Kas Patthar that turns into a bed of flowers post monsoon calls you again to witness natural beauty. Tapola is quiet, untouched by commercialization and witness less tourists, thus making it a relaxing getaway during monsoons.

  • Distance: 255kms from Mumbai
  • Famous For: Shivsagar Lake, Koyana dam


Alibaug is worth every minute spent, whether it is on your way to reach there, or the place itself. The picturesque driveway, beautiful and serene beach, the fort and the tranquility of the surroundings, makes it a perfect getaway. The fort in the sea has some amazing architectural ruins depicting the Moghal, Portuguese and the Maratha history. Take a walk on the sea shore or swim in the sea to relax, Alibaug makes your trip worthwhile in every way.

  • Distance:
  • Famous For: Aawas, Nagaon, Versoli and Alibag beach, Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple, Undheri Fort.


panchgani hills
There’s a lot more to Panchgani than just world class schools and hostels. It offers mesmerizing views of hill tops and valleys of the Sahyadri ranges. Monsoons add to the evergreen beauty of Panchgani with beautiful waterfalls and thick vegetation. It also boasts of Asia’s 2nd biggest mountain plateau- the Table Land. Just 20kms from Panchgani is Mahabaleshwar, another beautiful and captivating hill station known for its natural beauty and strawberry farms.

  • Distance: 245kms from Mumbai
  • Famous For: Table land, Sydney Point, Dhom Dam, Kate’s Point, Lingmala Falls

Other very famous places like Kamshet, Murud Janjira, Dive agar, Karjat, Kashid etc offer amazing weekend getaways too, but if you want to avoid the run-of-the-mill places, the places mentioned in this list will be ideal for this year’s monsoon getaway.


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