15 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations around the World

You may have heard of the places that are to be mentioned in this blog while a few others may come as a surprise to you. These are some of the most unique honeymoon destinations meant only for those who wish to start their wedding life at a pristine, slightly secluded places that have unmatched beauty. So, here we go:

1.Algarve, Portugal:

algarve portugal
A small town full of hustle bustle, this one is surrounded with azure waters and tall cliffs that reflect the raw flavour of Europe. It is a perfect heaven for those couples looking for some old-world romance.

2.Lake District, England:

The Lake District
For anyone staying in England, a visit to Lake District may be a regular affair but for foreign tourist it may be one of the most spectacular views with its ultimate background scenery. It is an off-the-radar destination where you can find some solace and get a break from the normal humdrum of life. You can enjoy long walks across the romantic meanderings. You can stay here at Lake House or Gilpin Hotel that ensure complete privacy and world-class luxury.

3.Hainan Island, China:

Hainan Island China
A completely offbeat but a perfect romantic honeymoon destination that has so much to offer. The shoreline has some of the best tropical beaches where you can take memorable hiking trails over suspension bridges close to Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone. You can choose to stay in woods that are full of some very basic but highly comfortable tree house resorts.

4.Islamorada, USA:

Islamorada USA
Beautiful beach resorts, blue waters and white sand beaches that can add ample of colour to your first romantic trip post wedding. The best time to visit this place is from December to May. You can enjoy Lignumvitae Key botanical garden, sea lion and dolphin shows, as well as snorkelling.

5.Hvar, Croatia:

hvar croatia
It is a perfect destination for party-going animals that are also looking for some soft moments at a beautiful place. It is right next to Adriatic Sea where you can spend your day or take a stroll through lavender fields, a dip in glittering water, and delicious seafood you can feast on as you get out of water.

6.Park City, Utah:

park city utah
A ski locale, the place stores complete beauty of Aspen and the slopes are best in the world. The St. Regis Deer Valley here has ski-out, ski-in access to an estimated 2026 acres of snowy ski trail as well as ski butlers. The place is heaven for ski enthusiasts with all kind of arrangements.

7.Charleston, South Carolina:

Charleston South Carolina
Being one of the oldest cities in South Carolina, this place is heaven for historians and history buffs. You can take a ride in carriage across the Charleston seaport, take private tours and learn all about the city from Ed Grimball.

8.Panajachel, Guatemala:

Panajachel Guatemala
It is a must for all offbeat venues lovers for it offers the most breath-taking moments near the Lake Atitlan that is located in lap of some distant mountain peaks. You can enjoy a swim in the lake, enjoy a romantic sunset, go for kayaking, parasailing, and much more.

9.Quebec, Canada:

Quebec Canada
Why? Because it is one of the basic inspirations of all the fairy tales you grew up with. A lake where you can go canoeing, scenic views from any corner of the city, experience the Montmorency falls, Cathedral Basilica of the Notre Dame, Muse de L’Amerique, and so many other places that look like a scene from Disney princess movies.

10.Galapagos, Ecuador:

galapagos ecuador
One of the most beautifully carved places, this one has most stunning canyons like the Las Grietas, as well as azure waters where you can take dinghy rides or cruise rides, and much more. The best time to visit is between December and June.

11.Reunion Islands, Africa:

Reunion Islands Africa
Not only are the beaches here serene and pristine but also quite deserted which gives both of you ample of chance to enjoy each other’s company without any disturbance. To add on, the waterfalls over the river Langevin inside the forests are a perfect place to get intimate with Mother Nature and each other. It is a place where you can forget the world and make the most spectacular beginning of your love life.

12.Dingle, Ireland:

Dingle Ireland
It is not only a boon to lovers but also to their eyes as the combination of azure waters and green lands illuminated by sunlight is just spellbinding. You can count on special moments with the sunset view from the Dunquin Bay or the waterfalls located near roads and take a visit to the abandoned Minard Castle which is a beauty from all aspects.

13.Lapland, Finland:

lapland finland
Perhaps one of the last places you may have thought of, here you can go for camping and watch the Northern lights that everyone keeps talking about so much. The view of these lights is very romantic while the sunset gives you a new hope for life. Take your pick. However, make sure you like snow and have stamina to bear low temperatures.

14.Lhasa, Tibet:

Lhasa Tibet
One of the best options for couples who want to be at a quiet place. You can make a small trip to Potala Palace that was once residence of Dalai Lama and experience the greatness of Himalayas all over the city.

15.York, Great Britain:

york great britain
We finish this blog with Great Britain as there is nothing more romantic than an old-school English romance. The history of this place goes back to 2000 years and it has a romantic appeal that was once described in classic stories. Here you can walk hand in hand in the streets, take unknown turns, and feast over the historical treat this place is.

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