The hotels, drinks, travelling in a cab are costlier in Dubai. You need to be smart enough while spending on them. Dubai is known as a shopping hub. You will find the world’s brand in this city; hence it would be a lot costlier to shop here. It is advisable to check for discounts or sale in the malls and then go for shopping if you are wish to save money during your tour in Dubai.

Dubai Tips to Save Money on Holidays

Take Advantage of Groupon

Groupon is massive in Dubai. You will find so many discounts like two for one special and so on. Check for various deals on websites and check which one is best for you. If you are willing to do something in Dubai, then check out when you go there as there are high chances you will find a huge discount. In this way you will save a huge amount of money in Dubai as well as you will have fun and enjoy.

Grab the Entertainer

The Entertainer is a magazine, which is found in most of the countries that offers huge discounts and specials on most of the activities, restaurants, and hotels. The same magazine is found in Dubai that offers heavy discounts on drinks, clubs, attractions, restaurants, theme parks, and hotels. Once you are in Dubai, visit a supermarket or a bookstore and grab the magazine. You can also find it online on their website, hence research and get one for you. It is advisable to buy the hard copy as can quickly pay for itself and you can avail the discounts immediately. This one is surely going to be the most helpful tip for saving your money in Dubai.

Old Quarter

Old Quarter is Dubai’s most important historical landmark. Visitors come here to see the life of Dubai during the time of trade when the Creek was known as the lifeline of the city. One of the biggest advantages of visiting the old quarter is that it is a lot cheaper than rest of the city. The entry fee for entering the Dubai Museum is 3 AED and the cost for crossing the Creek on a boat taxi is 1 AED. Visitors find this cheap as well as they are able to explore the old part of the city and have fun too.

Stay Away from Alcohol

This tip might be indigestible for those who came in the city with desire to party hard and have fun. It is the fact that avoiding alcohol is the best and easy way to save a lot of money. The alcohol prices in Dubai are higher and light drinking too can cost 200 to 300 AED. If you avoid drinking alcohol, you will save a heavy amount, which can be utilized on visiting other attractions or dining. Hence, follow this useful tip to save money during your stay in Dubai.

Research on the Cheap Eat Outs

Dubai is well known for its fine dining and multi cuisine restaurants. The world’s top most chains are located in Dubai, so eating in these restaurants can be costlier on your budget during your visit. But this is also a fact that Dubai is known for offering great dining experiences for all budget travellers those who are willing to save money. Hence, for these travelers eating fast food is the best way to limit to expenses. Dubai has many fast food chains in the local areas that are run by local people. The prices here are cheaper as compared to the restaurants.

Travel in a Metro


In Dubai, every destination is far and you cannot even think of walking from one place to another for visiting the tourist spots. Hence, finding a righty means of transport is crucial in order to save money. Taxi services like Ubers might offer your comfort but they are too costly. Hence, Dubai metro is the best medium for transportation without spending too much money. Apart from money saving option, it will also give you fantastic views of the city. This is surely going to be the fantastic ride as well as a great money saving tip.

Free Entry Spots

There are many spots in Dubai that have free entry. Few of the nightclubs have free entry, which is a great way to save money. As discussed earlier, do not drink alcohol as that can be costly but you enjoy the live music and beats as well as dance. For females, there are few night clubs that offers ladies night where they serve few free drinks for their female visitors.

Go on a Beach

dubai beach

Most of the visitors prefer staying in resorts with private beaches but this is not the right option for those who are willing to save money. Dubai has many beaches that are free to visit and visitors can enjoy their day on any of these. You can enjoy sunbathing, play volleyball and other games on beaches and have fun as well as save a lot of money during your trip.

Dubai Parks


There are many parks in Dubai that offer minimal entry or are free. This is the perfect place for families to spend their day. The mesmerizing greenery, which is rarely seen in the city, can be enjoyed by children as well as by adults. Children can have fun and play while parents can sit and relax calmly.

Check out for Free Events

Dubai is well known in the world for its various sporting events and concerts that goes throughout the year. There are many such events that have free entry. Do research and check about all these events and enjoy them if they are organized on your travel dates. You need to buy your own food while the entrance is free. This is a great tip to have fun and save your money in Dubai.

Follow these useful Dubai travel hacks and take away a lot of money during your Dubai tour.