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When Jodi Ettenberg graduated from the Law school, little did she know that this profession won’t be the reason for her forever bliss. Law today for this corporate lawyer is neither her profession nor passion. Jodi is a full time traveler and food blogger who has been homelessly travelling for last 8 years exploring the world through its varied cuisine.

The transformation from a lawyer to a traveler


Having lived in Montreal for most part of her early life, Jodi was a lover of soccer and travel & food was nowhere in her mind. Going to a law school was also a matter of intuitive choice instead of being a forever dream. All in all, a normal girl who simply believed that earning as a corporate lawyer and settling down will be her life in a few years. However, a vacation break changed it all.

No, it wasn’t a case of realization or an exceptionally good trip. It was a regular vacation in Siberia where she wanted to go since quite some time. But the happiness she derived from travelling was nothing as compared to the regular life of a corporate lawyer. Earlier open to travel just about anywhere the feet takes her, slowly, her love for food overpowered her and she started picking up places because of her food preferences.

Picking up references from her experiences and writing stories of her adventure and tryst with cuisine, Jodi published her 1st book The Food Traveler’s Handbook in the year 2012. There was no turning back since then. Jodi has been an accomplished food blogger and her writing resonates with a growing fan following.

The website- legal nomads
Legal Nomads

The website was a medium of storing, sharing and recounting her time of travelling. What started off as just a platform of storage has grown into a full-fledged business now and supports Jodi in accomplishing her travel dreams financially. Thanks to the, Jodi does not have to go back to her lawyer profession in order to fund her dreams. The site serves as an online shop that allows you to buy uniquely printed t- shirts featuring the typographic food maps. Other than that, Jodi has consciously stayed away from paid online ads and pop- ups to keep her site clutter free.



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Jodi has an illustrious career as a traveler and food blogger, and her achievements prove that if you follow your passion, there’s no stopping you. Jodi has recently won the Gold Award, the Best Food Blog, at the TBCAsia / Cinnamon Resorts Awards, 2016. She has received the Silver Award for Best Travel Blog 2015 by SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards. The North American Travel Journalists Association Awards has awarded her with Gold Award in Sports and Recreation category for 2015, Silver Award in Cruises category, and Bronze Award in Photo Essay category.

Jodi’s Instagram account has been regarded as one of the best 10 Instagram Travelers You Should Follow Around the World by The Culture Trip. She is h the Fodor’s Instagrammer of the Week Fodor’s Online as well. Known for her Gluten- free travel expertise, Jodi Ettenberg’s food blogging coverage has been done by the likes of, The NewYork Public Library, Lifehacker, Yahoo Planet, The Hungry traveler, and the San Francisco Chronicle as well.

Jodi has done many interviews and video chats including the Lonely Planet video chat about travel blogging and the World Domination Summit Wrap-up with Chris Guillebeau. Her audio interviews and podcasts have been equally popular.

Jodi’s Food Passion

jodi legal nomads

Jodi’s guide of food, The Food Traveler’s Handbook, is all about food that’s available cheap with no compromise in the taste. The good joints suggested by Jodi aims at satisfying the pursuit of everyone looking for vibrant, flavorful and cheap local cuisine along with various tips and tricks to enjoy food more.

Check out recipes from around the world, exceptional food artwork and posters, and a lot more on Jodi’s Jodi’s website, in short is a powerhouse resource of her around the world travels, specially written glutten- free travel guides that help you eat delicious but stay disease free no matter where you go.

Her list of tips also includes exhaustive resources for city guides. Follow her for a perfect dose of fun travels, food facts and her distinctive love for soups.


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