Intensely Wild Swimming Pools around the world

You may have often noticed that the natural crevices and pits are often inhospitable and dank, but there are a few exceptions which contain crystal clear water surrounded by mesmerizing backgrounds and some are followed by a waterfall. These wild swimming pools are tempting and hard to resist. We have collated a small list of intensely wild swimming pools around the world which is surely going to catch your attention.

Ik Kil Cenote, Chichen Itza, Mexico
Ik Kil Cenote in Mexico
When you have a combo of pure blue water, friendly catfish and vines which are cascading the pool. It looks like a dream dip. Isn’t it? Well, the Ik Kil Cenote in Chichen Itza located in Mexico is one such perfect example. It is totally different experience swimming, we are sure you are not going to find an another natural pool worth this experience.

Grotta Della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy
Grotta Della Poesia Italy
This is one of the important Bronze Age and Mycenaean archaeological sites in the world. Situated on the Adriatic coast, the Grotta Della Poesia consists of two blue karst and turquoise sinkholes. You will be in awe seeing the beauty of the place. The background is mesmerizing and it will truly sweep you off your feet.

Las Grietas, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
Las Grietas Santa Cruz
Although gigantic tortoises are the main attraction of Las Grietas, there is much more than just these beautiful creatures. Situated between two tall cliffs on the central island of Santa Cruz. It is a truly memorable experience having a swim here. You can get a life jacket if you can’t swim. Tourists and guests can take a boat ride to get to the creek from the main dock on Santa Cruz. Do try out snorkeling, you can get the equipment for rent in Puerto Ayora itself.

Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland
Blue Lagoon in iceland
This naturally heated geothermal pool where the temperature is maintained constantly at 40°C (104°F). This is definitely going to be a big relief for people surviving in the chilly temperatures of Iceland. Add to the Lagoon outdoor bar where you can get drinks served to the pool seems like a royal package. You will definitely feel like bathing on the moon. An experience truly memorable and worth experiencing.

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa, South Pacific
To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa
This has to one of the most romantic islands is South Pacific and it has even been named in the list of top ethical travel destinations. Swimming at the bottom of the grotto is a truly magical experience. Swimming experts can go for a swim even underneath the rock tunnel and enter the ocean. Be careful with the extremely steep ladder down to the pool.

Nanda Blue Hole, Vanuatu, South Pacific
Nanda Blue Hole Vanuatu
Situated in Espiritu Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu. The Nanda Blue Hole is a body of deep blue fresh water which has crystal clear clarity. You will be amazed at the clarity of this natural pool. You will have to seriously find reasons to come out of this pool once you take a dip.

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Fairy Pools Scotland
This is a series of aquamarine pools fed by scenic and chilly waterfalls. These waterfalls are mesmerizing to watch as they fall against the backdrop of Cuillin Mountains, one of the popular Scottish peaks. Situated at Glen Brittle in Scotland, the Fairy Pools will surely remind you of the Lord of the Rings. You can even go hiking, but the route is quite challenging, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Gunlom Plunge Pool, Northern Territory, Australia
Gunlom Plunge Pool Australia
The backdrop is definitely the star attraction of the place. Enjoy the stunning view over the Kakadu National Park and experience the stunning color display of the sky. The sunset is truly mesmerizing and worth watching. Do get a flashlight if you are visiting the place during sunset.

Natural Pool, Noord, Aruba
Natural Pool Aruba
Experience the beautiful natural pond near the southern Caribbean Sea in the small town of Noord set on Aruba. This is definitely one of the amazing destinations across North, Central and South America. This is a must visit place.

Parc National de Isalo, Isalo, Madagascar
parc national de isalo
If the natural pond is not going to take your breath away, then the scenic hikes, dramatic scenery and the opportunity to picnic will several lemurs is surely going to attract you to this place. There are several waterfalls and pools situated deeper in the park which you should not miss.

Sliding Rock, North Carolina, United States
Sliding Rock North Carolina
Enjoy the rides as you slide done the waterfall’s slippery surface right into the plunge pool situated below. These rides will surely awaken the kid in you. Recommended for all age groups, a true rejuvenator to your senses.

Erawan Falls, Erawan National Park, Thailand
Erawan Falls in Thailand
Rejuvenate your senses as you relax in the emerald pool beneath the Erawan falls which resemble the mythical three-headed elephant. In total, there are seven uniquely distinct tiers of waterfalls. The remaining national park is filed with forest and a famous hiking route where monkeys, elephants, and king cobras can be spotted.

Cenotes X-keken, Mexico
Cenotes X-keken in Mexico
Natural limestone sinkholes surround the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. This site is perfect for wild swimming lovers. The Cenote X’keken is definitely the pick of all; the huge vaulted cave surrounds an irresistible turquoise pool in the center. One of the beautiful sites to visit during your tour to this place.

Dancing Ledge, England
Dancing Ledge England
This amazing site on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast is quite popular among swimmers and climbers. This is home to a man-made pool that fills naturally when there is high tide in the corresponding sea. One of the memorable swimming experiences you will ever find. The water in the pool is shallow enough to swim or just chill out as the sun warms the water.


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