Heart Shaped Islands of the World for Perfect Romance

Mother Nature is an artist within herself! When it comes to romancing your significant other, you cannot deny the undying intimacy created by the blissful environment of an island. Sure, you must have already been acquainted to the soul-stirring Palm Islands of Dubai, eternal rock island Santorini of Greece or the waterfall adventures of Hawaii (Big) Island. But if you’re looking to give a heartfelt surprise to your lover, you might want to arrange for a date on a heart shaped island.

Never heard about such a wondrous phenomenon? Yes, they do exist. Choose from one of these love-shaped exotics of the world to take your romance a level higher.

Heart Reef, Australia:
Heart Reef Australia
Just one word, “iconic”. Discovered by one of the pilots of Air Whitsunday, Heart Reef is widely popular as a love declaration destination. The heart shape is naturally formed out of an astonishing composition of coral which makes it a perfect shot for favorite travel brochures and other promotional materials designed for the Whitsundays.
Planning to pop the question? Let your seaplane pilot know your proposal plans while making that quintessential romantic gesture.

Galesnjak – The Lovers Island, Croatia:


Do you know what’s unique about Galesnjak? No natural attractions, man-made structures or tourist provisions; only shrubs on its small, uninhabited rocky terrain. Wonder what attracted the lenses of Google Earth to recognize this “Isle of Love” as an international sensation? Well, it’s the most heart-shaped island among all the other islands taking a similar shape.
This must-visit honeymoon attraction rekindles your love by providing you “something extra” with its tranquil, heaven-like feel and beautiful emerald-blue waters of the surrounding Pašman.
Blueberry Island, Canada: It’s a dream come true. This two and a half acre privately owned island with half an acre lakefront area furnishes you complete privacy, solitude and serenity within the lush green Laurentian Mountains. Safely settled in the French speaking Quebec region, the Blueberry Island is named as the most affectionate place by lovebirds worldwide.
Visitors can enjoy the scenic views from a royal open plan log cabin and sauna facilitated with modern satellite dish, internet, electric heating, power and telephone supply, though located in rugged wilderness.

Tavarua Island, Fiji:

Tavarua Island Fiji

Whether you’re a die-hard surfing fan or a peaceful beach lover who like sitting under a palapa singing to your own tune or reading your favorite romantic novel, the Tavarua Island lives up to your expectations. Kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, sport fishing, snorkelingyou name the water sport and it’s there!
Don’t miss the 7 surfing breaks viz. Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Tavarua Rights, Swimming Pools, Namotu Left, Wilkes Pass, and Desperations.
Isla Corazón, Argentina: It may not be exactly heart shaped as Canada’s Galesnjak, but this mangrove island gracefully seated on the neon waters of Mascardi Lake (North Patagonia of Rio Negro) is a women’s talk when it comes to a passionate honeymooning experience. Men and women alike never miss the opportunity to share warm love, exchange kisses or click pictures with their partners at Bariloche and The (Argentina) Lake District.
Psstyou can still view the heart shape of Isla Corazón from Gutiérrez Lake’s eastern vantage point.

Tupai, French Polynesia:

Tupai French Polynesia

Very rightly named as “a heart from the sky,” Tupai is one of the choicest romantic islands of the Tahiti island chain. It is located just north of another deeply loved island, Bora Bora. Though it’s a tiny atoll, starry-eyed travelers get to relish the unrivaled beauty of its romantic shape from the air.
For the newly-weds and to-be-spouses, this is just the right venue to relive their marriage or exchange vows asides the turquoise lagoon and white sand beach bearing cool coconut trees as true petrels sing through their intimate ceremony.

Harbor Island, USA:

Harbor Island USA

Sheltering a seemingly self-effacing yet gracious cabin on the south shore, Harbor Island in Brooksville, Maine was long threatened due to logging activities until Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) bought the island for $2.35 million. Unluckily, there is no accommodation nearby, however, the Bucks Harbor community does well to keep up the island’s status. Towards the north of the Eggemoggin Reach, there forms a state-of-the-art anchorage often used by small vessels.
This 22-acre heart-shaped jewel alongside the Maine coast is certainly one of the preferred romantic destinations you cannot afford to miss.

Netrani Island, India:

Are you or your loved one fond of scuba diving or snorkeling? Maybe this is just where you want to be. The Netrani Island, located comfortably around Murudeshwar in Karnataka, has got an unlikely romantic nickname Pigeon Island. But you can blindly trust the once-in-a-lifetime experience it provides while displaying the great diversity in fish kingdom, including trigger fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, and sometimes whale shark and orca whale.
It would be unjust to this lovey-dovey holidaying spot if we don’t mention the ancient cultures, sequestered beaches, glittering azure waters, and of course, the exotic cuisine it makes easily accessible to.

St. Petersburg Island, UAE: Taking inspiration from the Maldives, St. Petersburg Island is one of the six islands of the Heart of Europe mega project in Dubai. This man-made under-construction island is aimed to bring in the possibility of rain and snowfall in Dubai through a fine technology from Germanys Fraunhofer Institute. It will spark the city with 90 floating homes called “seashore” villas, each costing well over $2 million, besides 109-room hotel and full marina.
Kleindienst, Austrian firm, has done a brilliant job redesigning this centerpiece of the Heart of Europe connected to the other five islands viz. Sweden, Germany, Main Europe, Switzerland and Monaco.
As the project’s maker calls it a charming vacation retreat, Dubai’s first ever love heart-shaped island is a royal treat for romancers as they enjoy every bit of lush tropical gardens, white sandy beaches, shallow lagoons, a large infinity pool, top-tier restaurants and bars and much more.


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