Most Famous Historical Places in India

India is a unique country and because of its culture, heritage, traditions and beliefs that it holds – it is one of the most pious countries. Giving a look at the opulent palaces, forts, temples in India you will have to say the list is countless. From Qutub Minar to Taj Mahal, Purana Quila and what not India beholds. History of India has everything that will make you go deep into it and seek spiritual answers. The tourist attractions of this country are mainly cities that have been conquered by the great rulers who have left a mark on them. Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Goa and so many other places as well offer a peek into history of this vast nation. In this blog we will try to mention the names of the most famous places that you should visit in India.

1. Visit the wonder of the world – Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
The finest example of love, Taj Mahal, whose love story has actually won the hearts of thousands of people, is also called one of the best weekend gateways from Delhi. The white marble sand stone built by Shajahan for his beloved wife Mumtaj was built in the year 1632. It almost took 22 years for the workers to build this opulent structure. According to the people there, it is believed that the emperor cut the hands of the workers so that they cannot build the same structure again.

2. The castle of red stone- Agra fort

Agra fort
Built by Akbar in the year 1565; it’s a Redstone citadel which will give you rich information of mughals era. The entrance to this fort is only through Amar Singh gate where all the formalities are done like ticket checking and video equipment checking.

3. The beauty it beholds, a purest example of red- Red fort

Red fort delhi
It almost took 10 years for it to be completed. Talking about the history, this fort was constructed when there was a shift of capital from Agra to Delhi. It is one of the most famous historical places of north and not only this, our honorable Prime Minister also gives speech from this fort on every Independence Day. It is a mesmerizing place and will attract you for sure.

4. The tall minaret-Qutub minar

qutub minar
This tall monolithic structure is one of the finest examples of Indo Muslim architecture. The sandstone storey’s are carved with verdicts of Quran and are mostly in Arabic or Nagari. Next to it stands iron pillar which is noticeable because of the rust resistant composition of metals that has been used in its construction.

5. The tomb that was inspiration of Taj Mahal- Humayun’s tomb

humayuns tomb
It’s not always men who contribute but sometimes women also do great for their men. This tomb was build by Hamida Banu Begam for her husband in 15th century. It is one of the fines examples of Indian architecture. Beautiful domb, corridors and kiosks make this place a must visit.

6. The capital of Mughals Era- Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri
Once it had palaces, buildings, mosques and it was the capital of mughals in the reign of Akbar. The royal city is one of the most historical places in India. It was built in between 1571-1573 and with decorative pillars and sculpted columns is one of the best from the heritage of India.

7. Checking the Pink city Jaipur – Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal
The interesting fact behind its name is that it got its name because it looks like a honeycomb of a beehive. It is also called as Palace of Winds. This palace is also known as the tallest building of the world that has no fountain as such. Though the place is curved but still it stands the same and has the same beauty intact over the years. It is one of the most tourist attracting spot of Jaipur.

8. An abode of gods and goddesses- Khajuraho temple

Khajuraho temple
It is the perfect example of two religions of the country that is Hinduism and Jainism. It has beautiful carvings of apasaras, gods and goddesses. The Group of Temples at Khajuraho is boastful of some of the finest structures that depict love, grace and beauty.

9. The finest of Buddhism- Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa
Situated in Bhopal this place depicts many aspects about Buddhism. It was built by Emperor Ashoka in the third century BC. The structures stand till today and are few of the most religious places of the country. The four gateways have scenes from Jataka Tales and also they depict the story of Buddha’s life.

10. For the sun god- Konark temple

Konark temple
It is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal and was built by the emperor of Ganga dynasty. It is one of the most significant structures that signify the beauty of the earlier architecture. The two wheels that are present are the sundials that denote the value of time.

11. Get into British era with Victoria memorial

Victoria memorial kolkata
This is the example of the British architecture. Beautiful garden, museum, paintings, sculptures are actually the main attraction of this place in Kolkata.

12. The history in caves- Ajanta and Ellora

Ajanta and Ellora
The rock carvings were actually done by hands and it is the best example where religion meets art. The 29 caves are full of sculptures, carvings, paintings that are actually the central attraction of this place.

Besides the famous historical places in India that are mentioned above, India has much more to offer. The food, dresses, art form, dances and everything are also the part of the country that attracts the tourist. One can also visit places like Mahabodhi temple, Rani Ki Vav, Gateway of India and many more mentioned as Archeological Sites of India. To make your visit a memorable one don’t forget to visit these places and get yourself involved with the culture of the country. It will make you drive in its own and you will really love the beauty of every monument, you will be able to relate yourself very much with the history. Travel fast and smart to enjoy your trip to the indelible and Incredible India!

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