Explore Dubai like never before with the best Dubai Desert Safari

The modern architecture and a host of new attractions have redefined Dubai, but there is nothing that defines Dubai better than the vast and glorious golden dunes. From a wide range of adventurous activities to indulge into basking in the warmth of the magnificent sunset and sunrise to authentic Arabian food and hospitability, the Dubai Desert Safari matches all tastes of tourists and visitors. The Dubai Desert Safari is probably a must-visit during your trip to Dubai.

You get a varying degree of experience and activities in the Dubai Desert Safari. There are Dubai Desert Safaris taking place across multiple locations around Dubai. With so many options on your plate, it often becomes tough to select the best package to suit your needs and requirements. Let’s begin to help you choose the Dubai Desert Safari.

Dubai Desert Safari


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Why is the Dubai Desert Safari so special and unique?


Blessed with a vast and gigantic sandbars and this provides locals and tourists a fun past time like never before. This safari not only helps us in wandering into the heart of the desert, but one also gets a glimpse of the life of the locals lived in this desert. Couple it with a host of adventurous activities, modern facilities, delicious dinner, and complete entertainment. The Dubai Desert Safari becomes the ultimate and iconic pastime activity in Dubai.

What are activities and experiences that feature in the Dubai Desert Safari?


All kinds of adventurous activities and beautiful experiences feature in the Dubai Desert Safari right from dune bashing to applying henna to hands and legs to savoring delicious dinner to spending the night in the heart of the vast Arabian Desert. It will all depend on the type of safari you opt for and its inclusions.

Adventurous Sports: Dune bashing, sand boarding, wildlife safari, dune buggy riding, camel rides, quad biking, etc.

Delightful delicacies: A delicious dinner awaits you at the camp, and a group of gorgeous belly dancers enlighten your mood. Other popular forms of dance that feature in the Desert Safari are Tanoura dance, fire dance, and the puppet and horse dance.

Spending a night in the Desert: The morning and evening safaris give you the best adrenaline pumping exercises, the late night safaris feature a host of adventurous activities and full of fun and entertainment at the camp. It is beautiful gazing at the stars while spending a night in the heart of the desert.

What types of camps and group sizes offered in the Dubai Desert Safaris?


There are different types of camps and groups sizes you can expect when you opt for a Dubai Desert Safari package.

Private set up camps: The staff to guest ratio is 3:1. For every personal need, utmost privacy and quality are assured. To ensure that the one you are opting for includes washroom facilities separately for both men and women.

Small private camps: Features close to 100 guests and have a high level of service, a high degree of customization, and gives you an intimate feel. Ideal for people who are looking to celebrate special occasions.

Large private camps: The number of guests is approximately 600 per night. A good option if you like to be around people. But be prepared for long waiting lines, busy desert, and less personalized services.

Shared camps with other companies: This is a budget affair and offers you a good value for money. Be prepared to compromise on the food quality, densely crowded camps, hygiene, facilities, and entertainment as a couple of companies share the camps.

Is the tour operator a safari provider or a safari wholesaler?

Safari provider: This Company conducts the entire safari. There is a great chance to make any alterations, customizations, or entertain any special requests.

Safari wholesaler: These types of companies opt for a couple of safari providers while offering a wide range of other activities. One will not have the extent of customization and amendments in the case of safari providers. Do research well about the reputation of the company before finalizing the deal.


Reputation of the Dubai Safari tour operator

One of the prime elements that would define your complete experience is the reputation of the safari tour operator. Look out for Trip Advisor reviews or take suggestions from people who have encountered with the company. You can also opt for advice from the hotel concierge. Many hotels have tied up with a contracted supplier; hence there is a high possibility that they will not be able to provide an impartial recommendation.

Does the tour operator provide company staff or freelance staff?

The Safari Companies can offer a 100% guarantee of complete fun and entertainment if one of their staff conducts it. Many companies do opt for freelancers, who can either be excellent or not desirable by any means. The company-hiring freelancers would have absolutely no control over what their guests would receive. A safari guide is one of the essential factors that will help you get a delightful experience of a safari.

How to opt for the best Desert Safari package?

Time of the day: There are three different safaris offered at various times of the day. The Morning Safaris are held before the sun gets too hot to handle. These would feature more of adventure sports like dune bashing, quad biking, sand boarding, etc. The Evening Safaris are geared towards complete entertainment and the inclusions of the morning safari. The Desert camp gives you access to entertainment shows, buffet dinners, henna painting, and much more. The Overnight Safari gives you an Evening Safari plus a chance to spend the night in the desert. This one is recommended and is something that you may have never witnessed before in your life.

Adventure Levels in each Safari: Not every safari feature adrenaline pumping activities. Although they are the most popular ones, you can opt for lighter activities like relaxing at the desert camp, enjoying the mesmerizing sunset, clicking pictures in traditional Arabic attire, smoke some sheesha, apply henna and tattoo on your hands and legs, and much more. These types of safaris are prevalent among families and large groups.

Budgets: There are several tours offered with varying discounts. Look out for fantastic deals, as you don’t want to overspend or cross your budget while enjoying a great time in the desert.

Combos: Look out for combos that offer the best offerings of Dubai. Opting for combos gives you a good value for money and will put your exploration skills to test as you experience the best Dubai has to offer. Dubai is a fascinating city and offers beautiful experiences that can last a lifetime.

The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the experiences that you will never forget in your life. It is vital that your Dubai Desert Safari tour operator understands your requirements and budget and offers you the best package accordingly. A little bit of research about various tour operators would surely help. Come and experience the beautiful land of Dubai.


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