All You Wanted to Know about the Dubai Frame

Every single trip to Dubai is never less than an adventure. Why? Because Dubai is constantly creating great marvels to stun the world and attract visitors from all over. Be it the IMG world of adventures, the Ain Dubai- world’s largest Ferris wheel, and so much more. The latest addition that has given Dubai it’s another benchmark attraction is the Dubai Frame. This eye-popping attraction is soon to be completed and is all set to open this year for the visitor’s delight.

The whole idea of making Dubai frame is actually very simple and a common-sense thought is taken to another level by imagination. Dubai has an amazing and picturesque skyline with some of the most amazing landmarks of the planet, so it makes sense to frame all this magnificence inside a colossal picture frame, doesn’t it? Just when you thought why not, it dawns how unbelievably impractical this thought could be. After all, how can you frame magnificence? Yes, you can, if it’s Dubai. What’s fascinating is that you can climb to the top of Dubai Frame and enjoy astounding views of the entire emirate’s sights – both old and new Dubai. A trip to the Dubai Frame is for sure going to be your very own moment in time that you’ll cherish forever.


The Design

Situated next to the star gate in the Zabeel Park, The Dubai Frame is a colossal rectangular structure being constructed using two monumental towers over 93 meters wide and 150 meters high. Both these two towers are linked by a massive 100 square meter bridge, thereby completing the bridge and forming its top portion. The space between these towers frames the magnificence of the city from a high altitude in a literal sense. Once completed, it will form an undeniably great picture. Once you’ll be able to reach its top, it will offer amazing views of the Old Dubai, Bur Dubai, Deira, Karama, Umm Hurair, and Dubai Creek on the North. To the South, it has all the modern benchmarks that make Dubai a breathtakingly beautiful destination. Both ways, once the Dubai Frame is completed, the tourists are in for a treat of a lifetime.

How will your trip be like at the Dubai Frame?

Milestone 1- The Mezzanine Level Museum

Your Dubai frame journey begins at the ground level when you visit the artistic mezzanine level museum and gallery. Enjoy an immersive experience of astounding exhibits that depict the journey of Dubai from a Bedouin fishing village to the world’s biggest tourist and entertainment destination. Different special effects create a visually and emotionally-compelling and absorbent experience that stay with you for a long time. Mist effects smells motion projections that elicit memories of the ocean and more. The experience of the museum sets the right mood for your trip upwards.

Milestone 2-  The Sky Deck level

Move up the mezzanine museum and experience the Sky Deck level to see Dubai in a spellbinding way. The view from the Sky Deck level is every reason for you to drop your jaws in awe. Experience the incessant views of modern Dubai from all the walls, through Augmented Reality-activated screens. Relish watching amazing 3D views of Dubai’s unbelievable landmarks, and learn interesting facts about them alongside.

Milestone3- The vortex tunnel

Proceeding from the Sky deck level, you’ll be passing through the Vortex tunnel. Not an ordinary tunnel, it is enhanced with special sound and light effects. The Vortex tunnel in all respects gives a feel of being surrounded in time machine tunnel and landing in the Dubai 50 years from now. Yes, it’s the future Dubai level. Depicting an incredible and immersive experience with the help of augmented reality, you’re almost believably transferred to the future that depicts the future evolution, future travel, future mechanics, and so on.

Milestone4- the Top most floor of Dubai

Continuing your journey through the unbelievable experiences, you reach to the top most floor of the Dubai frame. This glass walkway is everything you’ve been anticipating till now. From the outstanding experiences of the old and modern Dubai all around you to watching down and feeling a swirl, this top floor has everything you’ve been dreaming of. Sip a hot cup of tea and café on the top along with delicious cake while marveling on a once in a lifetime experience, reserved for a few lucky ones.

The Launch Date

Although the launch date of the Dubai Frame is yet to be announced, it is slated to release anytime during this year. Yes, gear up, your wait is almost over.  This amazingly artistic architectural prodigy has been built with an approximate cost of $43.5 million (that’s Dhs160 million). Once completed, the Dubai Frame is slated to become one of the most sought after tourist destination in the city. Just like when you visit the Dubai emirate, you can’t come back without seeing Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab; Dubai Frame too will be that must watch landmark, you can’t do without.


Almost reaching the height of a 50-storey building, the Dubai frame is not only tall but also astoundingly magnificent and apt to frame the majestic skyline of Dubai. The launch of the Dubai Frame has already created a lot of excitement with the tourists and the locals. Being located at the Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame will add further zeal to one of the most attractive parks of the city. With best in class facilities, amenities, and engineering benchmarks, there’s a lot more to explore with the Dubai Frame than what is being spoken and written about.


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