Desert Safari in Dubai: The Best Fun Experience in The World!

Can you imagine anything more romantic and more enchanting than than riding over the red desert sand dunes on a camel? Making your way across the same ancient dunes that were traversed by the Bedouin nomads in their caravans is like reliving history. Let the desert breezes blow in your face as you explore the red domain of ancient Arabia. Much has changed in the UAE, but the desert remains the same; it exerts the same mystical influence on us as it has for millennia on the dwellers of this ancient land.

Desert Safaris – Morning, Evening and Overnight!

Dubai Deserts

You can sign up for a Dubai desert safari in the morning, evening or even camp overnight in the desert. No matter which timing you sign up for, your Dubai desert safari begins when we pick you up at your hotel or residence in a fully air-conditioned, luxurious 4×4 SUV. You can choose your safari vehicle; a luxury Hummer with all possible luxuries, a 4×4 luxury SUV or another vehicle. If you’re a large enough party, you can also decide on the activities you want to engage in at the desert.

We will take you to our desert camp first, which is a genuine Bedouin tent. Once here, you can refresh yourselves with a brief rest with cold drinks or hot coffee. After this, we’ll engage in an array of desert sports and then it’s time to go home, unless you’ve signed up for an evening or overnight desert safari.

Dubai Desert Safari


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Desert Sports

Once at the desert, you can enjoy a number go exciting sports.

4x4 Off-roading

  • 4×4 Off-roading: Imagine the adrenalin rush when you go bash into the dunes while off-roading on a 4×4 SUV. Riding up and down the sand dunes is more or less like riding a rollercoaster, only it’s so much more exciting! The dunes are all of different sizes; this makes it challenging to climb up with speed and roll down the other side. It’s simply amazing! Watchers will exclaim in awe each time your vehicle leaves a haunting trail down the golden dunes.

camel ride Dubai

  • Camel Riding: Let the ancient desert magic seep into your bones as you bounce over the red sand dunes on a huge camel. Listen to that – can you hear your blood rushing? Camels are full of personality and are not exactly the most obedient of animals. You’ll have great fun getting your camel to follow your commands!

Sand Boarding in Desert

  • Sand Boarding: If you have experienced body boarding, you’ll find that sand boarding is the same, except you’ll be floating down high sand dunes on your body board. It’s thrilling, watching the sand grains fly high as you go screaming on your way down the tall dunes!

Quad Biking

  • Quad Biking: Quad biking on the tall desert dunes is a totally different high, one that you don’t want to miss on your safari. Be sure to inform your operator in advance that you want to go quad-biking, so they’ll bring the bikes along.

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Evening and Overnight Desert Safari

If you sign up for an evening safari, you’ll enjoy the same sports and activities of the morning safari, plus a few extras.

Evening Safari

evening desert safari

  • The evening safari begins in the late afternoon. You’ll be picked up at your hotel in a luxury 4×4 SUV, and taken to the desert via the most scenic routes.
  • During your evening safari, you’ll get to experience chilling out in a genuine Bedouin tent wearing Bedouin clothing, shisha pipe in hand, getting your hands and feet painted by henna artists.
  • You’ll enjoy watching Tanura dance performers perform the ancient Arabian dance, while you relax on overstuffed pillows.
  • You’ll get to enjoy a full continental barbecue dinner with some Emirati specialties thrown in.
  • If you like, you can opt to continue your evening safari by signing on for the overnight safari as well.

Overnight Safari

belly dance

  • Your overnight safari begins in the evening. You’ll be picked up in the late evening and taken directly to the operator’s desert camp.
  • You’ll be in time to enjoy the fabulous desert sunset. Enjoy the sunset photography session; watching the setting sun and its myriad colors via high-density telephoto lens is something else indeed.
  • After this, you can enjoy a fabulous dinner and some jiving in-tent entertainment, with belly dancers and henna artists and Tanura dancers to entertain you.
  • After that you can choose to relax in the tent or choose to ride a camel on the dark night desert dunes, accompanied by a guide with a lamp.
  • Once you’re all done with your activities, get ready to spend a lovely night under the brightest stars you’ve ever seen. You can choose to sleep within the tent in luxurious sleeping bags, or take your sleeping bags outside on the dunes.
  • In the morning, you’ll wake to watch the day break over the endless desert dunes. A desert sunrise truly warms the heart; you’ll see the clouds shift from pitch black to purple, to pink, orange and then a brilliant blue, with the sun shining forth like a beacon.


Sunset Photography

Desert Sunset

The best thing about an evening or overnight safari is the sunset photography. You’ll be able to take amazing pics on the high-grade camera mounted on tripods provided by your operator. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enjoy the sunset photography session. Your operator will guide you as to the best angles, and you’ll have some fabulous photos of the sunset to take home with you. You can blow them up and line your walls with them.


Desert safaris are very popular in the UAE. That’s because no matter what changes, the desert remains the same. You’ll feel it from the moment you enter the Dubai desert – the sudden distance between you and the glitz of Dubai. The desert is a whole another universe. You’ll feel so far removed from the glamor and the lights of the city, you’ll start to wonder if you’re truly in Dubai.  Explore this ancient land full of mystery, adventures and rich history of romance, battles and nomad sheikhs racing along on their camels and horses to wars.  Be sure to ask your operator to let you know which desert sports are included in the safari and which are additional. Enjoy your desert adventure and be sure to come back for more!


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