Day Trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The Emirati capital city of Abu Dhabi is a destination that is yet understated as an optimum family destination in UAE. Shadowed by the ritzy sophistication and fame of its neighbouring Emirati-Dubai, the largest of the seven Emirates and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates has a long way to go before it shares the same prominence as Dubai. Year after year, Abu Dhabi is inching closer to match Dubai’s fame as one of the most innovative and sought after destinations by travellers around the world. Though it still has to overcome the challenge of being the first spot to visit when anyone thinks of a trip to the Middle Eastern countries, Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer to its guests and has its own share of exciting attractions that are one-of- a-kind in the world, making a buzz around in the travel world. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one such attraction that has catapulted Abu Dhabi into the wish lists of many tourists who are keen to visit the Middle Eastern countries. Visitors travelling to Dubai often combine Abu Dhabi with their tour itineraries for a much extravagant experience. A day trip to the Ferrari World can be easily arranged and done on your visit to Dubai. Let’s have a peek at what awaits for you to experience at a day tour to this extra ordinary attraction.

Ferrari Word Abu Dhabi

Constructed as a tribute to Ferrari’s rise as the best in automotive technology and its legacy as the most admired among car lovers, this theme park showcases Ferrari’s passion, history and innovation in combination with fun and adventure. Located at the Yas Island – Abu Dhabi’s leisure hub on the North side of Abu Dhabi’s main island, the park is a sincere attempt to showcase brand Ferrari and offer guests of all ages a thrilling experience that brings yearning dreams of driving a Ferrari to reality. The largest indoor theme park in the world is easily accessible from Abu Dhabi International airport as it is just 10 minutes away, and just an hour’s drive from Dubai making it a perfect attraction to include in your vacation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi presents around 20 rides and attractions all planned taking its inspiration from Ferrari’s legacy and innovations. The attractions are designed keeping in mind that the theme park has to be a family oriented attraction and should appeal to all ages. There is an experience awaiting here for all ages. Some of the must visit attractions are :

Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi

Formula Rossa:
Once you enter the theme park, a world of excitement opens up for you to explore and enjoy. One unique attraction for the adventure seekers is the Formula Rossa which is the world’s fastest rollercoaster. Strap in to a Formula One car shaped roller coaster and get ready to experience a hydraulic-powered thrill ride where you are launched at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. The roller coaster has the same G force one would feel while driving a Formula One race car.

Scuderia Challenge:
For those who would like to experience the thrill in a milder way can do so at Scuderia Challenge which is a state of the art simulated race where you get to beat your best lap time or challenge your friends in a Formula One race.

Flying Aces:
Another one of a kind rollercoaster, get ready to feel the adrenaline rush and your heart beat soar as you twist and turn and pass through world’s highest roller coaster loop.

Karting Academy:
An interesting way to try racing few laps on a real circuit as well as learn professional go karting, join in with your family and improve your racing skills at the Karting Academy where you can try your expertise behind the wheels at a Yas Marina Circuit inspired track.

Ferrari Factory Tour and Galleria Ferrari:
If you are a diehard Ferrari fan, this is something you would not want to miss, the behind the scene action of how a Ferrari GT is made right from the design conception stage till the final assembly and testing of cars on circuit. Get a deeper insight into the entire development procedure of a Ferrari Car. Wander along to the Galleria Ferrari where you can get totally stoked at the spectacular collection of classic, contemporary and latest models of Ferrari cars.

The Ferrari Drive Experience:
This is one experience many would give their tooth and leg for, but in Ferrari World all you have to do is pay an additional amount over your ticket price and get your dream of driving a Ferrari car fulfilled as you hop into a Ferrari California and drive around the Yas Island.

Kids can have fun here at fascinating rides such as Benno’s Great Race, toddlers can jump, grab and swing around Junior training camp and Khalil’s Car Wash, get behind the wheel of a fun-sized 430 GT Spider for their first official Ferrari drive of their lives at Junior GT and Junior Grand Prix and experience an adventurous 4D Fantasy journey at Adventure with Nello.

Dining Shopping:
No theme park is complete without food and shopping and Ferrari World delivers the best of both options. Indulge in great cuisine in a range of restaurants each having its own unique ambience and theme. Have a lazy brunch or fine dining experience in one of the five restaurants serving delectable Italian cuisines, enjoy a sumptuous tasting session at II Podio where the restaurant is a Ferrari factory set up and food stations are lined up with a grand feast of international cuisine. Don’t forget to stop by Ferrari Past Present and own a piece of Ferrari’s impressive collectibles as a refresher for the great times you spent at this magnificent theme park. The Ferrari Past Present store and its adjoining brand stores have an impressive range of Ferrari products right from toy cars to Italian jewellery and accessories. The stores are open from 10:15am till 6.00pm.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has certainly pushed up Abu Dhabi’s niche in the tourism market and has eminently etched it on the world map as one of the fastest growing destinations for leisure travel. Open to guests 365 days year round, from 11am till 6pm, the theme park can be visited any time of the year as its temperature is always controlled to 24 °C. A one day trip ticket to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi costs AED 250 per person and AED 205 per child, infants under age of three are admitted free. The ticket provides unlimited access to all rides and attractions except few where addition charges will be applicable above your entry ticket pricing.

With a scintillating range of attractions, services and recreations, right from a toddler friendly car races and dedicated fun areas to Ferrari inspired racing simulators and rollercoaster rides, this extravagant theme park appeals to all types of guests, families with toddlers, Ferrari fans and thrill seekers there’s something for all ages and each can have a memorable time at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.


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