Dave Deb The nomads in love with each other……. forever

They are the regular you and me. They too have the same inhibitions as us, but their win over those fears is what makes them different. Meet Dave and Deb, the traveler couple who live to love and explore.

In an age when boredom creeps into relationships easier than imagined, for Dave and Deb, there’s no life without each other. They love being together and have travelled to over 100 countries across 7 diverse continents so far.

Their journey

Dave deb

Eight years back when Dave was a successful Rigging Gaffer and Deb was a make-up artist to the who’s who of Hollywood, no one would’ve imagined the emptiness they felt in their lives. Deep down they were done running in the rat race and working 14 to 16 hours a day to save enough to go on a vacation together.

They loved travelling but it took them a trip to Thailand to realize that travelling is more than just a vacation for them, it’s their passion. What the stability of 20 years couldn’t do for them, their nomadic trip to Thailand did.

They did things they never thought they would do, they experienced a cultural and spiritual diversity like never before. Their romance was rekindled and they discovered something that was hidden since a longtime inside them- passion, and they started inspiring each other again. Dave and Deb allowed travel to bring the best out of them and make them do things they never would do otherwise.

There travel made it easier for them to forget their redundant lifestyle and be someone else, someone they fell in love with, and that’s when they realized, it’s too late to go back to their old stuck in the rut life.

Planet D- The Travel Blog

Dave and Deb

Dave and Deb tried their hands on a lot of things that could bring out the rare combination of earning and travelling together, all the time. After dabbling with the possibilities of being dive masters to owning a bar or even running cycling tours, Dave and Deb realized that it doesn’t have to be something different from travel to earn the money to travel. And they made photography and writing about travelling as a career.

Planet D is now more than just a humble source of their earning. With over 2.2 million members and numerous awards and recognitions, it is a mirror of their experiences and a reward for their fearless efforts of pursuing a passion.

The travel tips section on the blog needs a special mention for its incredible and inspiring advices that allows wanderers take the best out of their travel. Suggestions on travel planning, packing tips, budget travelling, solo and couple travelling and a lot more makes you wonder, how great a learning experience travelling can be.
The Planet D blog offers you abundance of incredible shots taken at some of the most beautiful places in the world by Dave and Deb. Their people’s section specially deserves a mention for every picture in it is soulful and speaks volumes about the existing diversity in the world that we are not yet aware of.

Website: http://theplanetd.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThePlanetD
Twitter: http://twitter.com/theplanetd
Instagram: http://instagram.com/theplanetd/

Awards and Recognitions

Dave and Deb through their travel blog Planet D has won several awards and recognitions, the latest being the Gold Medal for Best Travel Blog in both 2014 and 2015 and Best illustration of Travel by the Society of American Travel Writers. They are the proud American Express Canada 2015 Ambassadors and Travel Smith Advisors and TripIt Partners.

Reputed companies like American Express has featured them as Real Life Potentialists and Expedia.com has featured their story in their prestigious ongoing Find Your Story Campaign. With renowned features in Lonely Planet, Yahoo Travel, National Geographic, BBC, The Huffington Post and many other international media orifices, Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil is in the best phase of their lives and career right now.

They have been interviewed by leading channels and invited for public speaking and share their travel experiences that have been inspiring many since years now. With over a million fan following on twitter, Facebook and thousands on YouTube and Pinterest; sky is the limit for this special couple.

The ‘Start Here’ Page

The best part of Planet D blog, is its genuine effort in discovering the traveler in you. Go to their ‘Start now’ section and you’ll know what we are talking about. Whether or not you ever thought about travelling, this section without any sweat persuades you to stop and think, where is it that your calling truly lies.

From living with the Polar bears to the virgin beauty of Romania; from the cultural diversity of India to the historical treasure of Greece; Dave and Deb is at their best in discovering what their passion can yield. During their adventurous journey, they are all geared up to tag you along by intriguing, inspiring, and instigating the feeling of wanderlust that’s remains buried under the monotony of living to sustain.


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