Dariece and Nick- Living a life like a never ending vacation

There’s a time in our lives when everything becomes a bit too settled down. Job, home, family, friends, everything seems to be in order but still there’s something that’s missing. When such a phase came to Nick and Dariece’s life, they took a long vacation.

It was during this vacation that they realized how much exploring new places, people and cuisine made them happy and that void which was present even after having every luxury was filled with travel. They now knew their calling and decided to make travel their companion and become the digital nomads for life.

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How it all started for Nick and Dariece

Living in Canada with a secured job, a mortgage house and regular luxuries, the life of the couple Nick and Dariece was like any other ordinary pair. They had everything to make their life fulfilling. But then the void of monotony started troubling them and they took a yearlong vacation trip to rediscover themselves and get more out of life.

Dariece always wanted to visit Southeast Asia and they took this year long trip as an opportunity to see this part of the world as backpackers. Little did they know that this trip will change their lives forever, it will make them free.

For a period of 13 months starting from November 18, 2008 till December 22, 2009, the couple travelled extensively through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Southern India, Malaysia, Borneo, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Northern India and back to Canada.

Every country’s experience changed them bit by bit and fueled the inclination of making travel their life… forever.

Their travel Blog- Goats on the road


Nick and Dariece’s travel blog speaks about everything, right from how, where and when to travel, to planning the trip and travel guides. The blog is superb compilation of articles and videos of their personal experiences with some really cool pictures good enough to inspire a wanderlust into anyone.

The couple also has an exclusive Goats life TV- a weekly video series of the day to day life of this amazing traveler duo. Their weekly episodes showcasing awesome moments from their everyday life is a lot more than an motivation for many amateur travelers.

When coaxed about why naming the blog as goats on the road, the couple funnily explains that of all the places they travelled, goat was one animal they always saw grazing somewhere on the way. And since even they have always been on the road due to continuous travelling, they preferred to call themselves – goats on the road. Interesting isn’t it.

Website: http://www.goatsontheroad.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goatsontheroad
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/goatsontheroad
Instagram: http://instagram.com/goatsontheroad/


Nick and Dariece have been appreciated, love and respected for their expeditions and contributions world over. They have been featured by lonely planet, Forbes, National Geographic traveler, Canadian Traveler, WiseBred, The Independent, The Vancouver Sun and many more. The couple’s goats on the road blog has been featured as one of the top 50 travel blogs of 2014.

They have over thirty-six thousand fans on Facebook, forty thousand followers on Twitter, and over three thousand people have subscribed to their YouTube videos that has captures of some of their best journeys so far. Nick and Dariece’s beautiful pictures are followed by over ten thousand followers on Instagram and they enjoy a fan following of seven hundred plus followers on google+. Their website goatsontheroad alone has over ninety-three thousand followers.

Their way of sustaining travel:
Sustaining Travel
Travelling for a long term or probably, forever doesn’t come easy. Nick and Dariece have taken up this challenge and made travelling not a part time activity but their entire life and to sustain it, they have found some unique ways.

Nick and Dariece have been open to try everything and that is why they have dabbled with a lot many innovative earning methods including teaching English, house sitting and of course travel blogging. The couple have so many options available on their blog for earning money while travelling that those who are hesitant to undertake travel suddenly finds it easy to enjoy their passion and sustain their lifestyle as a traveler too.

From becoming a dive master to freelancing, from becoming a Thai yoga masseuse to becoming an Au pair, life’s an adventure at every step for the ones who dare.

Fortunately for Nick and Dariece, the biggest advantage was the fact that they both possessed one biggest trait each that made their lifestyle as full time travelers even more affordable and easy- while Nick has over 15 years of video shooting and editing experience, Dariece is a social media guru. They both used their expertise to bring up the blog that was meant to share their stories to an award winning platform. From Press tips to destination partnerships and paid social media and content services; Nick and Dariece does it all.

What makes Nick and Dairece an inspiration:

They love to unpack and enjoy some down time and therefore don’t rush through a place instead enjoy it by spending some time there. Like true travelers, they have no apprehensions and embrace every situation with open arms as a part of their lifestyle, whether it was being robbed at a knife point or eating an animal’s roasted tongue. Their blog is all about sharing and helping others like them and earning simply comes as a byproduct of their honest efforts. More than anything else, their love for each other and the fact that they support one another in getting the most out of life is an inspiration to all those who yearn to find a partner who is truly a soulmate.


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