Best Weekend Getaways from Pune you can’t resist to visit again

Situated on the banks of Mutha River, Pune has a special place in history. It has seen many great empires and has a lot of ancient architectures till date. The modern Pune, however, is equally popular due to its happy-go-lucky lifestyle, exceptionally good climate and warm Puneaikars. But residing in this beautiful city too can get tiring and a weekend getaway can prove to be a perfect way to unwind and refresh.
There are many great holiday destinations near Pune that can be visited for a quick change. Here’s a list of best weekend getaways from Pune that can rejuvenate you from your tiring work routine and are a perfect way to enjoy quality time with friends and family.


Bhimashankar in Pune
A popular destination near Karjat and a city of extreme religious importance, Bhimashankar can make your weekend getaway truly adventurous with its splendid trekking opportunities and natural sceneries present in abundance. The most famous attraction is the Bhimashankar temple, based on which the city is named. The temple is home to one of the 12 jyothirlingas found in India and is flocked by pilgrims all year round. Other than the temple, there are ample natural views to soak in as the city is situated in the majestic Sahyadri range. The place also offers excellent bird watching opportunity.
Distance from Pune: 110 kms
Best time to visit: August to February


Pawna Dam lonavala
Lonavala is one of the most popular weekend getaways near Pune. It has something for everyone. For couples it is a romantic getaway and for family it is a beautiful and enjoyable hill station. Located in the breathtaking Sahyadri ranges, the majestic hill station is now becoming a popular health destination of Maharashtra with a number of health resorts coming up. The small hill station offers ample accommodation opportunities across all price ranges. Tourists from the neighboring areas of the state, the country and even abroad flock this beautiful destination for its unpolluted, stress-free and pleasant environment. The good climate throughout the year plays a vital role in its popularity. It is famously known as the jewel of Sahyadri and is a favorite getaway of Puneaikars, especially during monsoon season when the beauty of this place is at its peak.
Distance from Pune: 66 kms
Best time to visit: All year round


Bhaja Caves khandala
Khandala is known to be one of the best one day picnic spots near Pune. With its close proximity to lonavala, tourists prefer staying in Lonavala and going to Khandala for a one day picnic. It is also called the twin town of Lonavala. Various places such as the Tiger leap point, Duke’s nose, and Bhushi dam makes for good sightseeing places. The weather of Lonavala and Khandala is almost same and they both are cool and pleasant all year round. For the adventure seekers, Khandala offers cave exploration, forest hiking and numerous waterfalls (during monsoon) that offers it a heavenly beauty.
Distance from Pune: 70 kms
Best time to visit: All year round


Kaas Pathar in Satara
One of the most underrated weekend getaways near Pune, Satara is surrounded from seven hills and offers magnificent natural scenery especially during monsoons and winters. A quiet town with simple lifestyle, Satara welcomes more tourists during winter season as summers can get very hot here. For history lovers, Vasota fort and Sajjangad fort are a good way to indulge in the history of the empires that ruled the town in the ancient times. When in Satara, don’t forget to visit the Kaas Lake and Kaas plateau as they offer awesome sight to behold. Enjoy the presence of various species of herbs and plants and if you are lucky to go there during monsoon, then the Thosegarh waterfall will for sure impress you and take away all your stress. Don’t forget to try out the kandi pedhe, a famous sweet delicacy of Satara.
Distance from Pune: 112 kms
Best time to visit: October to February


Panorama Point in Matheran
Matheran has been for long a favorite weekend getaway for the people of Pune, thanks to its beautiful weather, exceptional climate and unpolluted environment. When in Matheran, don’t forget to witness the surreal sunrise and sunset that leaves everyone awestruck. Literal translation of ‘Forest on the Head’, Matheran forests can be quite impenetrable in a few parts and has a dense layer of thick forests in the rest of the area. There are many famous spots like Charlotte Lake, Porcupine point, one tree hill point, and Pisarnath temple. Matheran is cool all year round and thus offers an opportunity for a getaway any time you want. It is also one of those very few areas of the world where any kind of motor vehicles are not allowed. Imagine a weekend with no car pollution, no honking and no traffic jams; it sure is a dream retreat.
Distance from Pune: 126 kms
Best time to visit: All year round


Sydney Point Panchgani
Panchgani is only 30 kms away from another beautiful hill station and a popular getaway- Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani is beautifully located in the Sahyadri hills boasting of a pleasant and lovely climate all year round. River Krishna flowing through it and the popular Dhom Dam adds to the beauty of Panchgani. Parsi point and Sydney point are very famous for their scenic views and are flocked by tourists always. It is also home to Asia’s largest mountain plateau- Table land standing 4550 feet above sea level and covering a huge area of 95 acres. You can’t leave Panchgani without tasting the strawberries grown in the region.
Distance from Pune: 101kms
Best time to visit: September to May

The above mentioned and many other places around Pune offer a much needed break from the hectic schedules of the Pune residents. Not only Pune, people from Mumbai, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nagpur and other neighboring areas also prefer these places for a weekend retreat.


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