Best Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

If you thought Mumbai is all about maddening traffic, hectic schedules and busy life, think again because you live in a city that has the most picturesque getaways possible. Yes, nothing is far off from Mumbai, neither the best of India’s beaches nor the rocky hills and mountains. So, if you are planning to take some time off from your crazy schedule, we have the exhaustive list with just the right places to visit near Mumbai.

Lonavala & Khandala- Hills and Waterfalls

Lonavala Hills
These twin hill stations have people visiting from all parts of the country. To the delight of Mumbaikars, these sought after destinations is hardly at an hour and half distance from the city and are one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai. Especially during the monsoons, this place is breathtakingly beautiful with greenery all around and waterfalls everywhere. Lonavala and Khandala are famous for groundnuts, chikkis and jaggery sweets.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 93kms
Go there for: Trekking, Camping, hiking, and farm tours
Places to see: Karla caves, Lohgad, Bhushi dam, Walwan Dam, Ekvira Devi temple, Visapur fort
Best time to visit: All round the year

Alibaug- Beach

Alibaug Beach
Coconut trees and swaying cypress dominates the coast of the Alibaug beach. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind. The beach also has Kolaba fort that perfectly complements the natural beauty of the beach with its ancient presence. It was built in the reign of ruler Shivaji and it still remains a treasured piece of history. The beach is vast and mostly clean and shining through the bright sunlight.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 95kms
Go there for: Relaxing on the beach, temple visit
Places to see: Kulaba Fort, SiddheshwarTemple, Alibaug beach
Best time to visit: November to June

Kolad- Kundalika

Kolad Kundalika
A popular region for river rafting, Kolad and Kundalika region offers beautiful combination of sightseeing and adventurous activities. While the scenic landscapes of Kolad with various waterfalls bustling from the surrounding mountains mesmerize you with their beauty, the eastern edge of Kundalika River offers the best river rafting experience for one and all.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 122kms
Go there for: Relaxing, river rafting, and water sports
Places to visit: Kundalika River, Tamhini falls, Bhira dam, Kuda caves, and Raigad fort
Best time to visit: June to March


Durshet maharashtra
Located at a short distance of 100 kms from Mumbai, it is almost at equal distance from Pune as well. The place boasts of untouched, un-commercialised and majestic Amba River that will sweep you off your feet with its acoustic appeal. One of the ideal weekend getaways near Mumbai, Durshet is s a perfect destination to sit and relax with the only sound being of the chirping birds and flowing water stream.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 76kms
Go there for: Relaxing, trekking in the forest, temple visit
Places to visit: Hot water springs, Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayaka, Shri Varad Vinayak Temple
Best time to visit: September to December


Take time out and visit the smallest hill station of India- Matheran. Although small, Matheran is India’s most celebrated hill stations with tourists flocking it almost all round the year. With no cars allowed, the air in the surroundings is still fresh and the view still pristine. Matheran calls you for its immensely appealing natural beauty of high mountain peaks, valleys. Go back in time and ride hand pulled rickshaws and horsebacks. Also, don’t forget to take a ride on the heritage railway.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 83kms
Go there for: Relaxing, mountainerring, temple visit
Places to visit: Pisharnath Temple, Charlotte Lake, Sunset Point / Panorama Point, One Tree Hill Point, Mount Berry
Best time to visit: October to May

Mahabaleshwar- Panchgani

These 2 picturesque hill stations are a mere 30 kms away from each other which makes both a must visit in a single trip itself. Located in the Shayadri ranges of Maharsthra, Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani both are blessed with immense natural beauty. Lush greenery with beautiful landscapes, mountains and picturesque valleys makes them both a hot tourist spot, especially during weekends.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 228kms
Go there for: Relaxing, trekking temple and church visit
Places to visit: Roman Catholic Church, Wilson point, Venna lake, Connaught peak, Monkey point, Tiger spring, Mahabaleshwara temple, Elephants head point, Arthurs Seat, Mapro garden
Best time to visit: October to May


Vipassana Igatpuri
This small and beautiful hill station can be your perfect abode for a quiet getaway from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai. Located in the Western Ghats of the beautiful Sahyadri hills, Igatpuri is home to ancient temples and dense forests. Enjoy the pleasant climate and the peaceful surroundings without having to go far away from Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 121kms
Go there for: Relaxing, Meditation, and temple visit
Places to visit: Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre, Ghatandevi Temple
Best time to visit: September to March


Dahanu Maharashtra
The beautiful coastal small town of Dahanu is rich in stunning beach with sandy coastline and vast Arabian Sea as far as the sight goes. The beach is not yet commercialized and hence is still clean and virgin. Also enjoy the 400 year old Dahanu fort with the Jain temple adjacent to it that adds to the beauty and charm of this calm and quiet beach.

Distance from Mumbai by Road: 136kms
Go there for: Relaxing, unwinding and temple visit
Places to visit: Dahanu beach, Bordi Beach, Dahanu Fort, Jain temple
Best time to visit: October to March

Mumbai is blessed with many beautiful neighbors and weekends offer a perfect chance to pay them a hearty visit. These are the place that refresh, rejuvenates and revitalizes you for the coming week of work.


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