New attractions in India you should visit in 2017

There are just so many beautiful and amazing places in the world, it’s difficult to pinpoint to any particular place as a favourite, specially for the travellers bitten by the wanderlust bug. But hopelessly in love with travel, they still seek solace in great destinations. One such irresistible country is India. Known for its diversity, democracy, beauty, hospitality, and warmth; India attractions is on the checklist of every traveller in the world.

If you’re a traveller, it’s time to make the year 2017 travel plans. While you search for the best unknown, unvisited yet, and new attractions in India, don’t forget to go through the following list. You might just end up striking them all of your list this year itself. They’re irresistible. Check them out. 

Madam Tussauds Museum, New Delhi


Madam Tussauds Museum originally in London has now many branches world over. One of them is set to open in India in Delhi in early 2017. Starting 2017, you can see the wax statues of famous celebrities in Delhi. For those who wanted to visit this museum in London, but could not travel the distance, your wait is over. Bollywood stars such as Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and prime minister Modi’s wax statue will be the famous attraction here. Visit this new attraction and see who all from Bollywood made it to Madam Tussaud’s of India.

Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala


Kerala, known as God’s own country is a favorite destination among nature lovers in India. The Jatayu Nature park is a tourism center located in Kollam in Kerala. This nature park is among the most beautiful settings and underrated too. One of the most unexplored and quaint attraction, this nature park is spread across 65 acres of lush green land and hosts a giant sculpture of Jatayu, the vulture that tried stopping Ravana in the Hindu mythology Ramayana. The bird sculpture is 70 feet in height and 200 feet in length. It also has a digital museum and a 6D theatre. The park also has an adventure zone with 20 rides.

Statue of Unity, Gujarat


It is the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, that is called the statue of unity and it is called so for a reason. After the independence of India, it was Sardar Patel who unified 222 princely states and made political integration of India possible. This under construction monument located in Gujarat is expected to be 182 meters or 597 feet in height. Once completed this will be the tallest statue in the world. Located 3.2 km on the river island, this statue will be facing Narmada Dam near Vadodara. Now, people know Ahmedabad and Rann of Kutch when it comes to Gujarat tourism, this monument will open more avenues especially in and around Vadodara.

 Tallest clock tower in the World, Mysore


The IT giant Infosys is building the world’s tallest clock tower in the southern Indian city of Mysore. This free- standing clock tower will be 135 meters in height and be built in the 345-acre Global Education Center in Mysore, Karnataka. This structure will be based on Gothic style. The architecture will be based on a classical look, but will have a state of the art digital technology. At a cost of ₹60 crores this project will should be completed by the end of 2017.

 World’s highest golf course, Sikkim


Located on the backdrop of beautiful Himalayas, and beautiful greenery everywhere you see, the Golf course is located on the highest terrain in Sikkim. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Record as the World’s Highest Golf Course, the Yak Golf course project was initiated in the year 1972. This golf course stays snow clad from the month of January to April during which time it is used as a ski center and the water body within the golf course freezes which is used as an ice hockey field. From the month of May to December, the golf course is open 7 days a week for beginner and professional golfers. A multi-purpose golf course!! Got to try it.

River Gallery, Mysore


A river gallery is coming up on the Cauvery river in Mysore. This tribute to the Cauvery river will host the nature’s beauty, and the history of the Cauvery river. Built at a cost of ₹3.5 crores the gallery showcases the life of the river from the start, the culture, and diversity. This gallery will not only be a recreational facility but also will be a very informative session for people. Take some time and visit this place to get close to the nature.

War Memorial, Delhi


War Memorials are a way of saying thanks to the martyrs of the country for sacrificing their lives in the service of the country. A place of interest for both historians and common citizens alike, the Government of India has decided to build a war memorial to honor the brave soldiers of the Armed forces of the country. This memory is being built for the members of the armed forces who laid their lives after the independence in 1947. Constructed in the adjoining Princes park area, the proposed national war memorial and museum will be connected by a subway and is expected to cost ₹400 crores.

Vivid in culture, diverse in languages, yet united by brotherhood, India offers amazing attractions that are one of a kind in the world. The tourism industry of India is getting a boost now and more tourist centric attractions are being made. These new attractions of the country are just small but significant step in enhancing India’s position on the global tourist map.


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