Best things to spend your money on in Singapore

Your trip to the Lion city is totally incomplete if you don’t shop from the awe-inspiring Singaporean markets. It is one of the most amazing experiences as you could find abundant boutique shops, sprawling malls and street markets that sell a good collection of consumer goods and merchandise. One of the many things that you must do when you sign up for Singapore tour packages is shopping. Here are some must-buys that deserve to be in your list of shopping.

Singapore shopping


If you’re shopping in Singapore, electronic items are the most important to be bought. Peninsula Plaza is the ideal place to buy electronics and many people buy large LCD TVs and even desktop computers. If you want to shop for cameras, Sim Lim Square retail park is your best bet that has some really great stores like Challenger, Harvey Norman etc. Furthermore, you actually get good quality products which are cheaper and that’s why it is always a good choice to buy electronics from Singapore.

Watches and Jewelry

Handcrafted watches, world famous manufacturer watches and some really affordable timepieces could be easily found in any of the shopping spots in Singapore. Many tourists and visitors feel that the national inventory of jewelry is incredible. From bangles that are inexpensive to crown jewels that cost a million dollars, everything is available. Singapore houses a huge number of shops that has jewelry and watches for sale.


People who love to shop fashion items, Singapore is one of the best places to get fabric. Tourists can grab some good quality fabric that comes with different variations. The little India Singapore, a well-known ethnic district in Singapore is the best place to shop for good quality Indian saris. You can also shop for some batik that comes with some exotic Malay fabric. Malay fabric clothes are one of the best quality ones available in Singapore.


Handbag is another popular item on the list of a traveler who comes to visit Singapore. From designer handbags to handcrafted handbags you get everything that you want.

Herbal medicines

The inclusion of herbal medicines in the shopping list might astonish a normal traveler but for the ones who really want to make the most out of their visit to the Lion city, you’ve got to make sure you check them out. These medicines offer outstanding healing capabilities which are used in china for health care and treatment of wounds.

Gold plated orchids

You can buy Singapore’s national flower plated in real 24 karat gold. Yes, these are real gold-plated orchids. Gold-plated orchids are considered to be as souvenirs from the people of Singapore. You can easily find these in Risis stores.

Asian antiques

Asian antiques and artifacts are available in abundance in Singapore and these are the first things that you could easily give to someone when you return home. Singapore has a great treasure of its own with a rich and ancient history. Chinatown, Tanglin Shopping Centre Holland Village are the 3 places where you could get the best antiques with imported stuff from all over the world.

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Apart from reputed brands from around the world, Singapore produces its own perfumes through its local manufacturers that are worth all your money. The fragrance is extremely nice and are affordable. Jamal Kazura Aromatics is one brand that produces some good perfumes and you can get a perfume bottle as cheap as $6.

Mustafa Centre

If you’re looking for a centralized shopping center where you could find almost everything, the Mustafa Centre situated in Little India is an eminent market that encloses small stalls. These small stalls sell almost everything from clothing and electronics to jewelry. The Mustafa center attracts a huge number of shoppers every day and the atmosphere around the shopping center is exciting. Shoppers could easily bargain and get some really good deals out here.

Thieves Market

Thieves market is not exactly as its name but this 30-year old market gets its name from the setup and huge collection of second-hand goods available. All sorts of goods could be found here and even if there’s nothing that interests you, the experience is fascinating.

Bugis St Market

The Arab quarter of the Bugis district, Bugis St Market is the largest shopping street market in the entire country of Singapore. There are never-ending stalls selling everything from shoes and clothes to jewelry and cosmetics. Tourists could find a lot of other services such as manicurists, tattoo artists, body piercers, hairdressers and many more such services on exploring.

Lastly, don’t forget the Singapore Sale

If you’re at Singapore or you’re scheduling to visit make sure it is during the Great Singapore Sale. Things get really cheap with the retail community throwing mega discounts. The Great Singapore sale begins in the month of June and ends in July. All the important items are purchased so quickly during the sale that the products don’t last until the end of July.

This sale attracts a lot of shoppers from the neighboring countries who are looking to buy some discounted stuff. You can always try negotiating the prices as most of the vendors are ready to accept a lower price than the sale prices and you could get a good deal. You could also get the GST (7%) refunded back to you by making a purchase of more than $300 which will in turn save your cash a bit more.


Singapore is quite popularly known as the shopping center of Asia and a lot of travelers come here to experience shopping. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the best of the country and discover the joy of shopping.


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