List of 25 Amazing Travel Blogs Across the World

It’s impressive to note just how many people are taking up the lifestyle of the celebrated digital nomad. Every day we find more bloggers who travel and blog about their trips and their observations of life, people and cultures. Some of these bloggers have won awards for their blogs, and some have become members of well-known international publications. All of them have inspired their subscribers to start thinking about what they want to do, not what they should be doing. Here’s a list of 25 Best travel blogs across the world.

1. Dan
Dan is fun. A travel and photography blogger, obsessed with ice-cream and goats who moonlights as a web-designer, he’s on a mission to meet as many people as possible in the world. He designs websites and does some marketing on the side to fuel his trips into the wild. He’s a proud member of Mediavine Publisher Network and Condé Nast Traveler, and writes travel blogs for these prestigious publications on occasion.

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2. Melissa

Melissa is French-Canadian, a former social worker and a travel agent who is now a full-time traveler and travel-blogger. Melissa had to be satisfied with a single trip a year until she sold everything and left with a one-way ticket to Turkey. The first escape didn’t work out (she was followed by some creeps in Turkey) but Melissa didn’t give up; she tried again, and now she’s been traveling and living abroad since June 2014.

3. Liesbeth (Lili)
Lili had a great job, great house, and matching furnishings till she realized she was happier sleeping in a € 5 dorm room. So one day she decided that her ‘someday’ was going to be that day, not someday out on the horizon. She left her home, her boyfriend and took off to Tanzania with a one-way ticket. She’s been traveling and blogging ever since.

4. Gloria Atanmo
Gloria’s mission is to make her readers want to jump off their seats and hop on a plane to anywhere at all. She is passionate about sharing why travel is such an essential component of one’s personal growth; how travel contributes to one’s perspective of the world and of other people. She started traveling graduating college in 2013 and more than 45 countries across 5 continents later, she’s yet to know what her ‘five-year plan’ is all about.

5. Alyssa Ramos
A self-made travel blogger and social media influencer, Alyssa has seen 51 countries in 6 continents, including the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil! For her, travel blogging isn’t a dream job; it takes hours of work, on her blog and on social media. She has started a travel savings program called ‘The Wanderlust Workers’ to help people travel on budget. She also started a charitable foundation called to supply items of need to poor countries.

6. Drew Binsky
Drew Binsky started The Hungry Partier blog in 2013 to provide nightlife guidance and recommendations on parties around the world. Drew draws his advice from his own experience, having partied his butt off in more than 105 countries. It’s the core blog for destination guides, nightlife recommendations, posts, travel resources, food guides and culture tips for travel to 100+ countries and 200+ cities. Since 2016, The Hungry Partier has been a communal website receiving contributions from around the world.

7. Kiersten
A California native, Kiersten left a career in corporate finance to travel the world. Since then, she’s traveled to more than 50 countries and started her blog, which is now a multi-level business, enjoying several revenue streams including affiliate programs, consulting, social media marketing and digital content creation. Kiersten runs Blog Mentorship courses to help bloggers with their design, branding and social media needs along with a web developer and graphic designer.

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8. is an award-winning community travel blog, which actively seeks contribution in terms of travel content. This community blog seeks adventure, culture, motivation and lifestyle. The blog has tips on packing, traveling, entrepreneurship, photography posts, blog posts and much more for the traveler. That apart, travelers can purchase luggage that’s been whetted and approved by the blog community as ideal for travel.

9. Chris
Chris is an avid surfer, a photographer, traveller and ocean lover who originates from picturesque Devon in the UK. He’s been everywhere – from island hopping in The Galapagos, scuba diving in Thailand to road tripping Australia’s East Coast. He blogs on various blog-related topics, especially budgeting tips. He makes money as a corporate brand ambassador, and also shoots promotions and runs an online travel agency Epic Gap Year.

10. Stefan and Sebastien
Stefan and Sebastien travel the world as a couple, and blog about their culinary discoveries and the gay scene in different places. Nomadic Boys has grown in the last few years to become one of the largest and best-known gay travel blogs in the world. Blogging about gay rights and treatment of gays in countries that are still anti-gay is their full-time job. They inspire other gay couples to live their lives to please only themselves and not the system.

11. Chris Burkard
Chris Burkard is a multiple award-winning explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and published author of several inspirational books. He has conducted several prominent campaigns with Fortune 500 clients and has published several books. He’s won the 2017 Official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival for his movie Under an Arctic Sky; he’s also been named as one of the top 10 social influencers by Forbes in 2017.

12. Jacintha
Jacintha is from the Netherlands; she moved to London and started blogging about her London life on her blog Jacintha hit jackpot with her photography; magazines such as Condé Nast Traveler have published her thought-provoking travel pics. She’s also co-written a ’48 hours in London’ travel guide for National Geographic, and has been listed as one of the best travel accounts to follow on Instagram.

13. Ben Schlappig
Ben Schlappig is obsessed with aviation and travel; he’s always trying to elevate his travel experience using airline miles and credit card points. He travels an average of 400,000 miles a year. He was bitten by the travel bug at 14 and hasn’t looked back since. He publishes reviews of hotels, airlines and airport lounges, apart from offering insights on leveraging airline miles for travel. He also manages an award consulting service, PointsPros.

14. Carin

Carin moved to Paris for a few months in 2012 from Stockholm, Sweden. After a few months, she became hooked on to Paris and started planning a more permanent move to Paris. She shares her experiences on life in Paris through her blog, along with her passion for photography. Her blog covers a number of topics including fashion and beauty, home life, food and drink, Paris tips and much more.

15. Shivya Nath
Shivya Nath quit her corporate job at age 23 to pursue her true passion – global travel. Today, she’s a successful digital nomad, who inspires people to get off their comfort zones and discover the world. She has been featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveller magazine and on Huffington Post for one of India’s best Instagram accounts. She has also been voted as the best Indian travel blogger by Vogue India.

16. Lakshmi Sharath
Lakshmi Sharath is a content specialist, media professional, photographer, travel blogger, writer and digital influencer. She has won several awards for her blog, including the Indibloggies award for India’s Best Travel Blog of the Year. Plus, her blog’s made it to the Top Travel Bloggers in India list. Lakshmi has worked for many tourism boards, airlines, travel sites and hospitality partners as a consultant.

17. Yulia
Yulia is Russian and started traveling when she moved out of her hometown as a student. After her education, she worked as an economist at different corporates and even though she got to travel, it wasn’t what she was searching for. That’s when she started blogging her experiences and started traveling and blogging to fund her travels. Today she is one of the successful digital nomads out there, who are living their lives according to their dreams.

18. Caz and Craig Makepeace
This couple was bitten by the travel bug 16 years ago and has been hitting the road on-and-off ever since. They’ve been changing people’s lives via their blog. They travel to escape the routines, the expectations, and demands families face. Caz and Craig are from Central Coast of Australia, but they like to call the world their home. They’ve lived in 5 countries with their two daughters, Kalyra and Savannah.

19. Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala
Romancing the planet is a community travel blog that receives contributions from several note-worthy bloggers around the world. It was started by Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala, a self-declared foodie, who traveled to Thailand at a young age and realized that there was much he didn’t know about travel. Since then, he’s been an active travel blogger, logging in thousands of travel miles and sharing his expertise and experiences with people, inspiring them to travel.

20. Yoshke & Vins
Yokshe and Vins are full-time travelers who started The Poor, a blog meant for the budget traveler. Theirs is one of the largest travel blog communities on Facebook, with 600,000 subscribers. The blog is rated number 1 in USA Today’s list of 10 Best Budget Travel Blogs in the World, and in GoDesti’s list of Best Travel Blogs in Asia, and they are also one of TripAdvisor’s Top 20 Budget Travel Bloggers.

21. Meg & Mike Jerrard

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Meg and Mike Jerrard are adrenalin junkies whose award-winning blog features the best in adventure travel from around the world. Whether you’re looking for adventure stories on mountain biking in Bolivia, skydiving over the Swiss Alps or bungee jumping in Costa Rica, you’ll find it here. The blog provides incredibly well-documented travel exploits along with fantastic photography and HD video with tips on how others can create such similar stories!

22. Aileen Adalid
Aileen is from the Philippines who quit her well-paying corporate job to travel and blog full-time. Today she is a successful online entrepreneur and travel blogger and writer, who enjoys a sustainable lifestyle. She uses her blog to show people that it is very possible to make travel one’s life despite all odds. Her blog also provides useful travel tips and detailed stories of her travel adventures with exciting photographs.

23. Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones is a qualified nurse who left the field of nursing after 11 months of cardiac care. She chose the world on the road and lived out of her backpack. She met the love of her life in India, and traveling to India is of special interest to her. She uses her blog to share her adventures, provide reliable travel resources, plus tips and tricks on how to travel cheaply but richly.

24. Celia
Celia is Italian, a sea lover and a globetrotter since age 19. She quit a steady job at Burberry London at 33 and purchased a one-way ticket to Asia, which is when her nomadic life began. She travels the world now and blogs about travel and various other topics. She went out to prove that people don’t need to ‘settle down’ and marry by a certain age; that travel is a viable lifestyle.

25. Romi
Romi started his blog in 2005 after the unfortunate tsunami hit and destroyed so many lives in South East Asia. Romi’s blog immortalizes the significant milestones his family has achieved during their travels together. The foodie family travels the world exploring and sharing food and travel secrets of various destinations. Romi delights in witnessing foodie tours, exploring food markets around the world and then blogging about them on

These travel bloggers have achieved something that most people only dream about – traveling without restraints. Freedom travel as a concept is quickly catching on, with people choosing to live their dreams while paying their own way.


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