Amazing Indian Women Travel Bloggers!

They say that once the travel bug bites you, you stay bitten for life. And so it is with these fantastic travel bloggers, who’ve traveling far and wide to bring their incredible stories back to us. They inspire the rest of us to travel and to explore those distant shores for ourselves. Just reading their blogs in the midst of our busy daily lives brings in the smells, colors and sounds of far-away lands into our lives. Let’s take a closer look at each of these bloggers, and what got them blogging on travel in the first place, and what they plan on doing next.

  1. Lavina

Lavina is an Engineer with a regular 9 to 5 job like the most of us. As we already know, she loves travelling and writing; she’s also keen on designing and photography. She’s not that different from us though! Sometimes she too, loves to veg out on her couch with a beer in hand. Goan born and bred, Lavina is a bubbly, chatty girl who loves to talk till the cows come home and laze on a beach all day if she were allowed! Forever fascinated by other cultures, people and places, Lavina and her husband channeled their savings into holidaying overseas. They’ve traveled to 180 destinations in 25 countries within 3 continents so far, and still counting!

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  1. Raksha Rao

Raksha Rao is an engineer by profession and a passionate traveler and photographer in her spare time. Raksha is an adventurer; she loves bungee jumping, snow trekking, scuba diving, river rafting and more adventures. A lover of photography, she purchased a fancy DSLR to document her travels. Travel, photography and Instagram – these three things get her going! Raksha had been meaning to start her own travel blog, but it wasn’t until she won a Social Media contest organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for a Thai trip blog that she actually started blogging. Raksha continues to share her incredible travel experiences, especially the adventures with her many subscribers, whose list is growing longer as we speak!


  1. Ankita Kumar

Ankita Kumar, the fun ‘travel monkey’, is a filmmaker and scriptwriter by profession and a foodie traveler by interest. She loves blasts of color, checking out rarely-visited places, getting to know the locals and, in her own words, being an absolute klutz. She’s done some absolutely whacky things – ridden an ostrich, swum with bio-luminous planktons (and giant manta rays and sharks), shared space with deadly Komodo dragons and actually tasted porcupine meat. She has a host of tips and tricks to share with us, including how to avoid being stung by a jellyfish. Life is a multi-dimensional, limitless arena of fun exploration in every possible way for Ankita.

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  1. Rutavi Mehta

Rutavi Mehta loves to challenge herself. Most of us wouldn’t consider riding an auto-rikshaw for 3000 solid miles, but Rutavi has, and lives to tell the tale. Venturing into the unknown, getting to know people and trying out things others shy from – that’s what Rutavi is all about. She quit her job after 7 years in the Hospitality domain to discover a different way of living, and giving back to society. Result? She spends 2 months out of the year teaching kids in Ladakh.  Rutavi’s blog is a way for people to connect and synergize over their travel experiences. She is a concept builder and noted travel writer for the Huffington Post, Lonely Planet and Maps of India & World. Rutavi is also a regular speaker on Social Media and Travel related topics.

Website: –

  1. Medhavi Davda

Medhavi started out as a techie but is now on a never-ending blissful quest of living out her passion for travel and holistic lifestyle. An avid adventurer who’s experienced high-altitude trekking, solo backpacking, advanced adventure scuba diving and more, Medhavi is also an avid dancer. To top it all, she was a national level badminton player, and held the title of Corporate Badminton Champion of Pune for 5 years! Medhavi was just like you and I – an overworked corporate stooge, when one day she just gave all her stuff away and moved to the Himalayas. Her quest for a healthier lifestyle has brought her much peace and much exposure to the world out there that we only glimpse via our TV screens.

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  1. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath is a woman who wears many hats – that of travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, content specialist, media professional and photographer. Whew! She’s traversed 25 countries in 5 continents so far, and she’s still not done. Her blog has been the recipient of several accolades including the Indibloggies award for India’s Best Travel Blog of the Year. Her blog’s made it to the Top Travel Bloggers in India list. Lakshmi is counted as one of the top digital media influencers in the country. Over time, she has worked with several tourism boards, airlines, travel sites, hospitality partners and auto and lifestyle brands on various digital campaigns. She has worked with more than 25 tourism boards for FAM trips and various digital campaigns which have been in global light.

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  1. Archana Singh

Brand Consultant, Digital Influencer, Photographer, Travel Writer and Public Speaker, Archana Singh is definitely a woman who’s comfortable wearing a million different hats. She has no fewer than 19 blogger honors under her belt, including the prestigious Top 100 Indian Travel Blogs and Websites and the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.  To top it all, she been selected as an Official Tourism Contributor for the Mekong Tourism Board. She offers an array services ranging from Influencer Marketing, Branding & Identity, Creative Design & Development and many others. She is also available for public speaking on travel, brand management, marketing, social media and other topics at webinars and seminars.

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  1. Soumya Nambiar

An Indian traveler and blogger who was raised in Tanzania, Africa, Soumya has been traveling since she was a little girl. She feels most at home in the jungles of Africa and on the beaches of Goa. She is a vegetarian foodie, and loves exploring vegetarian food options in distant places. Food, culture and heritage – these three things propel her to explore a bit more of our fair world at intervals. She has a full-time job but still manages to travel at least once a month, and at times thrice a month, which sounds hugely inspiring to us! So far she’s traversed 30 countries in 5 continents, but she’s not done yet. Some of her unforgettable experiences are jumping out of a plane in Sydney, dune bashing in Perth, sitting through a car breakdown in the middle of Tanzania and others.

Website: –

  1. Jyotsna Ramani

Jyotsna, or Jo as she refers to herself is a passionate globetrotter, thrill seeker, writer and a self-confessed wildlife enthusiast. She loves to travel to distant places, listening for the call of the wild, and then blogs about it. Her blogs have been featured in the world-renowned The Huffington Post and others. Jyotsna supports her travels by working with top notch travel brands,, embarking on paid press trips, as well as co-hosting Twitter chats and working on social campaigns. Apart from that, she also works as a travel outreach expert and helps brands connect with top travel bloggers. Her blog is rich with a number of photos of exotic wildlife and beautiful places that she’s been to. If you choose to Wanderwithjo, you’ll have no end of adventures on the road she travels.

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  1. Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula started her travel blog Travel Tales from India in 2005, seldom imagining that she would turn out to be a well-known globe-trotter. She’s had more than her share of adventure too – parasailing in Mauritius, cavorting with endangered turtles in Oman, exploring all the routes in Singapore’s Metro and more. Recently she traveled all the way to Ladakh to take part in the Highest Bloggers Meet at Khadungla, a climb of 17,000 feet, battling motion and altitude sickness! Mridula’s also written an eye-opener of a book, Things to Know About India, which aims to help people understand India better through travel.

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  1. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath gave up being a corporate stooge to do what most of us just dream about –travel the world! A self-acknowledged nomad, Shivya is all about seeking adventures off the beaten path. She works on the go to fund her travels, and lives life in the full, entirely on her own terms. Coming from a protective family in Dehradun, Shivya was bitten by the travel bug when she started working for the Singapore Tourism Board. She took a two-month break from her work to travel, which was featured in BBC Travel in 2014. Shivya’s been everywhere and done everything – zip lining over the Indian Ocean, backpacking all over the world and sipping glacial water in Canada.

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These fabulous 11 travelers, travel bloggers, writers, marketers and social media influencers represent the changing mores of our country. Women are coming out of their shells, eschewing preconceived plans for all of womanhood and breaking free of tradition to soar free and far. They stand as true inspirations for the rest of us to emulate and to aspire to be different, to embrace new things, to seek out various experiences and live life to the fullest possible. We say, more power to these amazing women and may they have many more fabulous adventures before they put their favorite athleisure footwear away!



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