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Want to travel the world but don’t want to be a nomad? It is possible. While you’ll find most of the travelers leaving the comfort of home, family and regular life to explore life as a nomad, there are a few magical beings who are able to not only pursue their dreams of being a globetrotter but also are lucky to come back to their own home, sleep in their own bed and live in their comfort zone.

Meet Amanda
meet amanda
Amanda, a small town girl from Ohio, who started dreaming of travelling after seeing ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. It was a dream of a teenage girl who wasn’t sure of anything in her life but to visit New Zealand post-graduation after saving a lot of money. Following her travelling dreams would have been easier as a nomad but for Amanda that’s out of question. She didn’t want to leave her family, work and a steady life but also did not wanted to give up on her dreams. Although long term travel was not her thing, she has travelled to over 35 countries to strike them off her bucket list.

Pursuing her travel dreams while working full time

Amanda did try the nomadic adventure with travel blogs as her only way of financial independence. But soon realized the uncertainty was too much of a stress for her. She can’t afford to ruin her travel experiences worrying about how to live within $100 or wait for the invoices to be cleared.

Amanda decided on a more reliable way of pursuing her travel dreams. She spent a considerable amount of time rethinking her strategy to balance her dreams of being a traveler and having a financial security to enjoy her travels. Getting a full time job was her only way out and she did exactly that. She GOT a full time job that did not required her to come to the office place and work and this profile worked the best with her travel aspirations. Working with the social media startup and doing some part time work along with it gave her enough financial stability to pursue her dreams.

Amanda on travelling Alone
amanda solo traveller
While Amanda does not deny the fact that travelling solo as a woman is certainly different than travelling solo as a man, the uncertainties are not just limited to travelling. Women has to be more vigilant, careful and aware of her surroundings almost all the time and in every sphere. So, travelling is no different. It’s just a regular thing where women have to be more careful if they are travelling alone.

So, for Amanda travelling solo as a woman is no different than the way she lives in her regular life. However, she believes it’s important to do your homework before travelling to a destination and one should definitely opt for group tours to places where it’s not safe to travel solo.
Amanda believes a woman’s instinct is her biggest strength. Trusting your own instinct is the best way to travel.

The Dangerous Business Blog
dangerous business blog

Website: http://www.dangerous-business.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adangerousbusiness
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dangerousbiz
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dangerousbiz

The name Dangerous Business stems out of the famous quote of J.R.R Tolkien “Its a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you dont keep your feet, theres no telling where you might get swept off to.

Amanda truly identifies with the quote and believes you have to take adventures to know how much you can truly achieve. Her blog can be termed as a comprehensive tutorial on travel without becoming a nomadic. She has her posts on travel from almost all the perspectives including travel as inspiration, the challenges of solo female travelling, travelling as a philosophy, tips, guides, chances to earn while travelling, blogging ideas and more.

Her blog is a great inspiration for an amateur traveler as it gives a hands on information of travel gears, travel tips, what to pack and leave along with how to become financially independent while travelling.

An encouragement for those who do not want to give it all up for travel, Amanda’s Dangerous Business blog gets an average of 1 lakh visits every month and has been featured at various reputed platforms.

Amanda has won the Ottawa Tourism Travel Writing Award in 2013 and has been covered for her stories by Huff Posts, Buzz feed, US News and World Report, USA Today Travel. She has been interviewed by Flip Nomad, Misadventures with Andi, NZ Muse, The Budget Minded Traveler, and New York Minute Magazine.

Amanda’s Dangerous Business blog is included amongst the top 100 travel blogs, top 12 most influential bloggers to follow along with Inspirational travel blogs of 2016. She has been a regular contributor on Discover Ohio Blog, Barclaycard blog, Room Right blog, Travel Mindset website and many more.

Travel for Amanda

Travelling has taught Amanda a way to live in the present, enjoy the moment and live a life in it.
Making plans and itineraries has gone out of the window and so is the fear of what will happen in the future. The addiction of living in the moment is enough to keep her intoxicated enough to think about the future and occurrences beyond her control.

She is a happy go lucky girl with no issues having fellow travelers but she enjoys travelling solo because it gives her a sense of independence and lets her enjoy doing what, when and how she wants. She always wanted to travel but it was only after she started her voyage that she realized how much she loved it.

Each of her travels since 2005 has added something to her personality. While Amanda is still the same quirky, simple and curious girl, she is now more in love with what she does and is sure of never to give up the obsession of wanderlust.


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