Ain Dubai – The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel

Dubai is all about grandeur, amazement, and astonishment. A city that is loved by all kinds of tourists alike, Dubai is always working to make it more interesting for tourists. There was a time when Dubai was a small Bedouin fishing village living on pearl trading. Then came the oil boom and Dubai became financially sound. But the leadership ensured that the exceptional flow of money is channelized in a constructive manner and Dubai rose to heights that were hard to imagine.

Foreseeing the fact that the future of income through oil boom won’t last forever, Dubai channelized it’s earning towards promoting its tourism industry and within a short time transformed this Bedouin fishing village into one of the most sought after tourist places in the world. Dubai has been continuously adding the best of the world’s man-made wonders to its list of attractions. One such amazing latest addition being completed is the Ain Dubai– the world’s largest Ferris wheel.


Here’s everything you wanted to know about Ain Dubai:

The Ain Dubai was earlier known as Dubai Eye. The land chosen to construct is Dubai’s most spectacular entertainment project- the Bluewater’s island. A reclaimed land near about 500 meters off the JBR coastline, it is soon going to be a mega entertainment destination of Dubai, and its main attraction will be Ain Dubai- world’s largest Ferris wheel.  Ain Dubai, once operational, will have a capacity of 1400 visitors to be accommodated within its 48 avant-garde, glass enclosed capsules. With a gigantic height of 210 meters, as it will ascend, every single person aboard the giant wheel will be in for a scenic treat of a lifetime. With a view that surpasses the best of the world, Ain Dubai is already on the checklist of all adventurous travelers.


Highlights of the upcoming Ain Dubai:

  • Being constructed at a gigantic height of 210 meters, Ain Dubai is set to beat High Roller, the current tallest Ferris wheel in the world with the height of 167.6m, and all the other noted Ferris wheels of the world including the Singapore Flyer, Star of Nanchang, London Eye, and lots of others.
  • The Ain Dubai will comprise of 48 exclusive glass capsules or pods with a total capacity to hold 1400 people. The rotation will take you through breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Burj Al Arab, Pal Jumeirah island, and every dynamic Dubai Skyline.
  • Besides the dazzling views of the Dubai skyline, the inside of the capsules also will be one of a kind experience for the visitors on board. The capsules are developed by Meraas Holding and offer the most lavish dining arrangements with special recreational facilities and more. Every capsule is set to have an 80- inch LED screen displaying movies and advertisements.
  • The Blue-water island on which the giant structure is being built is also a haven for entertainment, a plethora of activities, and astounding experiences. This year-round hub will allow you to enjoy shopping in the best of brand outlets and boutique stores, go on a dining spree with gourmet restaurants and alfresco options.
  • The island also has a gigantic hall just next to the Ferris wheel that is designed exclusively to offer a feel of the traditional Arabian souqs, that adds a vibrant dash of culture to the entire ultra-modern setup.
  • The giant spindle of the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel has a diameter of 6.25 meters and is made of steel which is extremely similar to that used in nuclear power plants.
  • The assembled hub and spindle of the giant Ferris wheel at the Bluewater Island is 40 meters long and 20 meters high approximately. Together it weighs around 1,805 tons, equivalent to around four Airbus A380 aircraft.
  • The Ain Dubai is one of the most ambitious projects of Dubai and this massive construction has been facilitated hugely by with two of the world’s largest cranes. Each of these colossal cranes boasts of an 180-metre-long boom and an astounding lifting capacity of more than 3,000 tons.
  • Slated to open in early 2018, the Ain Dubai is will offer a 360-degree view of the famous Dubai horizon.


 An Engineering Marvel- Ain Dubai:

Unveiling as the world’s largest Ferris wheel surpassing others by a huge margin, its construction has already pushed boundaries of engineering concepts and once opened it will be another engineering marvel of the world.

Omar Delwar, Chief Projects Officer, Meraas, looking after the construction of Ain Dubai opines, “Once completed, Ain Dubai will emerge as an engineering masterpiece, the first of its kind in the industry, and a truly spectacular must-visit attraction, adding a unique experience and vantage point to the list of things to do in Dubai.”

Piers Sidey, Project Director, Mace shares the experience of collaborating with Hyundai, ““It was clear to us early on that if this project was to proceed successfully we needed to help Hyundai and share our knowledge and technical capability in a collaborative manner, ensuring that our learning from the construction of the London Eye and The Shard was applied to the [Ain Dubai] project. Fortunately, our client agreed with us, and we strengthened our team in order to proactively help Hyundai deliver this fantastic feat of engineering successfully.”


Dubai always had a penchant of developing the unimaginable feats. For an emirate with scarce resources and limited natural gifts, Dubai has proved its metal to the world by making every drawback its strength and every opportunity, a grand success.


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