5 Memorable Holidays to Gift to Your Parents

Planning to send your parents off on a well-deserved holiday? Wondering which destinations will impress them the most? Being a parent is challenging; their lives are riddled with responsibilities and never-ending to-do lists. Your parents need a break, and you can give it to them now. Gift them a most memorable trip to one of these exotic, amazing, incredible places and see their faces light up. Do it now.



This country seduces with its art, architecture, unique culture, its romantic outdoor cafes, fine wines, quaint old village markets and fragrant coffee at every lace-curtained bistro.

Marseille: Dotted with Roman ruins, beautiful medieval architecture, historic forts and majestic limestone cliffs, Marseille is a must-visit.

Lyon: Lyon is a gastronomic festival just waiting to happen. Each region in Lyon offers interesting cultural treasures, hundreds of hidden passageways and beautiful parks.

Strasbourg: Strasbourg straddles both France and Germany, offering a marvelous amalgamation of both French and German architecture. Grande Île is a must-see area, dotted with museums, stunning Gothic cathedrals and shops and cafes.

French Riviera: Also known as the Cote d’ Azur, the French Riviera is famous for its beaches and seaside resorts. The famous perfumeries at Grasse are worth a visit as well.

Loire Valley: This region is simply spectacular – the scenery is mind-blowing, as are the picturesque vineyards and historic villages. Boating on the twisting Loire River is a rare treat.

Paris: Paris attracts over 45 million visitors annually. The city’s art, architecture, cafes and historical monuments can take several days to enjoy. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral are a few of the not-to-miss sights.

The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

It seems that almost overnight, the UAE is full of iconic skylines, mind-blowing architecture and world-famous beach resorts. If your parents enjoy glamor and history together, a trip to the UAE is a must.

Dubai: A view of the fabulous city from the Burj’s observation deck is the treat of a lifetime. The Dubai Mall with its 1000 + retail outlets, countless food stalls and underwater aquarium and the indoor skiing slopes must simply be experienced. Old Dubai is still preserved in all its mediaeval glory in the lanes and alleyways of the Bastakia quarter of Dubai. The empty desert hugs Dubai’s sandy coastlines –best experienced via a hot air balloon ride or a desert safari.

Abu Dhabi: A must-see sight is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a modern mosque of incredible beauty. Abu Dhabi’s desert safaris and the Hajar Mountains that scythe a path through the red desert are the very heart of the UAE.

Ras al-Khaimah: Red sand dunes wave poetically across the beautiful desert, while tall mountains beckon. The Khatts Springs offers several hot springs and geysers, just perfect to soothe ageing bones after a day of traveling.



Italy is a land of stunning landscapes, incredible art and architecture, trendy fashion, top-class cuisine and passionate people. Be sure to allow several days for an enjoyable visit.

Naples: One can still visit the ruins of ancient Roman villas, aqueducts, and public baths here. Let them feast their eyes on the Temple of Dioscures, Castel Nuovo, the statues of Bernini and paintings of Caravaggio and Salvator Rosa. The Bay of Naples has several beautiful beaches and scintillating mountain landscapes that beg for a great camera.

Italian Lake District: Mountains and lakes vie for superiority in the picturesque Lake District. The Lake District offers a true panacea for the tired soul with its greenery, endless blue waters and soaring mountain ranges.

Amalfi Coast: All 30 miles of this region along the Sorrento Peninsula’s southern side is covered by the prettiest coastline. Endless craggy cliffs, shimmering bays, multicolored villas and lemon tree gardens dot the landscape.

Pompeii: A visit to Pompeii is the best way to obtain an insight into how the ancient Romans lived. One can explore the ancient ruins and see remains of temples, baths, brothels and bakeries, still intact.

Venice: The city of canals is actually an archipelago of 118 islands, brought together by scenic canals and beautiful bridges. Venice is filled with beautiful historic architecture that line the romantic canals. Convince your parents to take a romantic gondola ride under the evening stars.

Rome: A trip to Rome is to bathe oneself in the amazing art of famous Italian sculptors. The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City is a treat of colors and shapes by Michelangelo. Rome’s ancient plazas, Renaissance architecture and stunning cathedrals will keep your parents wanting more.



Spain offers the winning combination of blissful coastlines, ancient culture and fabulous climate year-around. Your parents will treasure a trip to this rich country with its incredible art, monuments and complex history.

Barcelona: Barcelona’s vineyards and architectural creations, especially those by Gaudi, are a treat. The city’s bistros and cafes offer dishes influenced by the Arabs, the English and Spanish. Beautiful beaches beckon, while museums with their scintillating art complete the appeal.

Salamanca: This city’s breathtaking sandstone quarries emit a strange red light at sunset that offers the perfect Kodak moment. Filled with historic architecture such as the 15th century Casa de las Conchas and the 12th century Cathedral Vieja, Salamanca is a history lover’s delight.

Granada: Granada is nestled cozily at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. There’s a great deal of Spain’s Moorish history in its bubbling fountains, lush gardens and the exquisitely ornamental architecture. A must-see is the 13th-century Alhambra palace.

Jerez de la Frontera: This city, with its 3000-year-old history is Andalusia’s most famous historical destination. There’s the Moorish fortress Alcazar built in 1255, lovely old gardens, mosques, Arab baths, themed museums and fabulous wines to enjoy.

The United States

The United States

The United States is an extremely popular travel destination. This country has several incredible natural attractions, side-by-side with roller coasters and great highways.

New York: This is a city of historical landmarks, many zoos, museums and fashion destinations. The city’s filled with an energy that is simply not found anywhere else. Not to miss are trips to the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Central Park.

Los Angeles: If they’re movie freaks, your parents will love a trip to L.A. They’ll enjoy visiting famous studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. LA has some lovely beaches, fabulous shopping centers and lovely monuments to see as well.

California: Book a trip to Anaheim so they can enjoy basking on the bountiful beaches. They can take hot-air balloons rides over famous Orange County landmarks. San Diego has some fabulous beaches, especially La Jolla, and the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and LEGOLAND.

South Carolina: Lovely beaches and a huge number of golf courses offer plenty of distractions here. South Carolina is famed for its natural landscapes and beauty, especially its coastlines.

Washington DC: A million museums and historical monuments await your parents at D.C. The Smithsonian museum will keep them occupied for days. The best part – most of D.C’s attractions are free!

Plan your parents’ tour itinerary while keeping their unique interests in mind. If they love art and architecture, a trip to Italy or France will be much appreciated. Find out what they like to do as a couple, and as individuals, and design an itinerary that’ll bring them the greatest joy.


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