15 Best Budget Travel Destinations Around the World

Inexpensive travel destinations are available in plenty around the world. But, these places are highly underrated and do not gain the attention they deserve. Besides being pocket friendly, some of these destinations offer the best tourism in the world. Here is one such collection of budget travel destinations that will keep your heart full without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Bolivia
Copacabana Bolivia
Though Bolivia is one of the highest and remote countries, it has not escaped the attention of travel enthusiasts. The number of tourists visiting Bolivia has increased steadily over the years. It offers visitors a range of adrenaline rushing adventures, a multi-cultural experience, magnificent natural landscapes, and at pocket-friendly prices. A ride on the world’s most dangerous road, pure exhilaration at the Salar de Uyumi or taking a dip in the lake Titicaca – such beautiful experiences come at dirt cheap prices at Bolivia.

2. Sri Lanka
Manicured landscape Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka truly is the jewel of South East Asia. Ancient temples, beautiful forests, gorgeous beaches, mild yet flavoursome food, adventure – Sri Lanka has it all. Also, tourism is on the rise here means hurry before the place gets too crowded! After years of civil war, Sri Lanka has finally begun exploring its potential for tourism. Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Bentota are some of the most frequented places here. The capital – Colombo, is also slowly turning into a hot place for fashion. The people of Sri Lanka are very warm and you can strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

3. Taiwan
longshan temple
Taiwan is a hidden tourist treasure. The people of Taiwan are a mix of the natives and Chinese. The food in Taiwan is very special as the cuisine is a delicious mix of cuisines from the mainland and island grown spices. Climb through seven different mountains with different ecosystems to watch a glorious sunrise. Enjoy a spine-tingling ride through the Taroko gorge with breath-taking views and foaming rivers. You can bicycle around the entire country through the coastal highway roads. Chat up a delightful conversation with friendly locals.

4. Hungary
Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungary is quite small in size, but almost every town and village in this country beg to be explored. Stirring history, beautiful landscapes, exotic wines and distinct culture – Hungary has it all. Indulge in pastries that taste as pretty as they look, delicious liquor and go to one of the popular thermal spas and you will be surprised with the cash you are still left with. Trek through the northern hills, swim in the biggest lake in Central Europe – Lake Balaton, and enjoy the wine from the local vineyard.

5. Bulgaria
rila monastery
Bulgaria has become the new summer Spain, but only a much cheaper and less crowded one. Tourists are heading to Bulgaria for long summers on the beautiful beaches of Bulgaria. If you’re not a beach person, then head to the really pocket-friendly hotels and dormitories of Bulgaria and explore the local food and culture. The country’s tourism is still burgeoning, and hence the farther you move away from the tourist hot-spots, the cheaper and more beautiful will be the experience. Head to the ancient coastal city of Nesebar; you get sun, sea and interesting ruins to explore – all at affordable prices.

6. Argentina
perito moreno glacier Argentina
It is largely misunderstood that the only place in Argentina worth checking out is Buenos Aires. The eighth largest country in the world – Argentina is captivating in so many ways. Jungles, plains, rugged mountains prevail throughout the country. To the southernmost tip, a polar ecosystem with penguins, seals, dolphins and whales surprise you. Buenos Aires is a party city and has an exciting night life that is almost addictive. If you just want to enjoy unadulterated nature, then head to Pantagonia for some truly mesmerising sights.

7. China
terracotta army in china
The world’s most populous country also has some of the world’s best places to visit at a dime a dozen. Food, travel and the places to stay come at pocket friendly prices. The capital Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai are all cities that should be seen first-hand to realise the speed at which China is embracing modernity but at the same time holding on to its traditional beliefs. Shanghai is a beautiful amalgamation of the east and west and will hold a special place in your heart always. Also, check out magnificent Great Wall, Forbidden City, Xi’An, the Magao Grottos of Dunhuang and the Potala Palce.

8. Cambodia
Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Cambodia may still be a country that is trying to find its way around. It is filled with some very nice people, a rich and diverse culture, a very lively nightlife, and a beautiful coastline. Cambodia is also dirt cheap provided visitors stay away from tourist traps here. Visit the bamboo island, Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat and Sihanoukville. The river villages can sometimes be unreasonably pricey, so having a local for company is recommended while here.

9. Nepal
boudhanath stupa in nepal
Nobody has forgotten the tragedy that Nepal just went through. Nepal is still getting back on its feet, but, the little delight is still very much open to tourists. In fact, Nepal’s economy largely depends on tourism and they will be happy to have tourists. Nepal is a haven for budget travellers and expensive meals come at around just $8 here. You will also be glad that much of your expenditures are going directly to the quake affected people.

10. Guatemala
pacaya volcano in guatemala
Guatemala is a backpacker’s paradise. Guatemala’s golden beaches, lush forests, magnificent ruins and friendly locals make tourist feel welcome and safe. The Mayan ruins of Tikal and the hidden mega city of El Mirador (located in a jungle) are fascinating and give a thrill like you’ve never experienced before. Do not miss out on the Xela trek and Lake Atitlan.

11. Peru
machu picchu in Peru
Peru is one of the most famous countries in South America. Tourists from all over flock here to trek along the Inca trail and to take in the scene at Machu Picchu. Lima and Cusco are two other mildly popular places here. But there’s so much else left unexplored in Peru. The rich jungles and their myriad of flora and fauna, the Amazon, Lake Titicaca and the beaches are still waiting to be enjoyed. Do not miss out on the Coca tea at Peru. Also, enjoy all of this while your pocket stays safe and heavy.

12. Honduras
Yojoa Honduras
Honduras is quickly becoming a tourist haven. People are moving beyond Costa Rica and Nicaragua now. There are a number of places in Honduras which give tourists the satisfaction of travelling extensively but at very cheap prices. The country is teeming with wildlife, Mayan ruins and huge National Parks. Roatan and Utila are also some really popular diving spots here. Beware of taxi drivers who try to make a fortune off tourists.

13. Laos
Vientiane Laos
From a couple of years ago, when not many tourists knew Laos to a raging party island, Laos has come a long way and how! Laos is home to the brilliant concept of tube parties where you are floated down a river on tubes and you stop at eateries and drink beer. But do check out crumbling ancient temples and Buddhist monasteries. Transport, food and accommodation can be bought for a song at Laos.

14. Indonesia
borobudur Indonesia
Indonesia is made up of 13,000 small islands and is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. Pristine beaches, the vibrant Jakarta, virgin lands of Sumatra and the volcanoes of Bali, there is always something to see in Indonesia. Affordable local food and accommodation make Indonesia a very popular destination.

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15. The Dominican Republic
Los Haitises National Park
The popular beach destination is also famous for its cut-price tourist packages, all-inclusive resort and an alluring blend of history, natural beauty and culture. While here, visit Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, La Romana and Samana. However, the country’s pride is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and its capital Santo Domingo.


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