12 Spring Break Ideas for Families

Spring break is always considered to be the best time for family bonding. Families plan for months to make the most of the spring break. Here are 12 best spring break ideas for families that are sure to make your spring break unforgettable.

 Spend your break at the Safari West, Santa Rosa

Safari West, Santa Rosa

The most amazing way to ensure your spring break is worth its time for the family and kids is to take them on a safari trip that brings them closer to nature. At Safari West, introduce them to the herd of over 900 exotic animals leisurely staying in an area of 400+ acres of a setting of the African savannah. Take the walking tour, staying the resort and sleep around the whirs, whistles and clicks of the animals and sometime cozying up together.

 Go for a Maple Fest celebration in New England

Maple Fest celebration New England

The best way to make your spring break a delicious time together is to visit New England and get involved in Maple sugaring. Incidentally, this is the time of the year when the exclusive Maple fest packages emerge and are priced pretty economically too. They take you to a complimentary tour to maple sugaring and you have the option to go on maple-themed snowshoe treks as well.

 Entertain your family with the hospitality of Dubai

dubai miracle garden

Dubai is one of the best family destinations to visit this spring break. From the best of man-made wonders to the immaculate hospitality, there’s nothing that you can’t find in Dubai. The newly opened opera theater, Dubai parks and resorts along with some of the world’s best water parks are waiting to glitter up your vacation and make it a memorable one.

 Show them a glimpse of Asia through Malaysia


Malaysia is the best place to introduce your kids to the cultural diversity of Asia. The small country has innumerable attractions that make for a cherished spring break holiday and imparts learning about a side of the world that is all about its culture and traditions. Malaysia’s hospitality, beaches, and shopping arenas are world renowned and are sure to add a zing to your spring break vacation together.

 Take a trip to the Quebec City of Canada


Hit the slopes, explore the cobblestone streets, and enjoy the street performances by the talented artists in the Quebec City of Canada. Take the kids to the amazing museums, enjoy at the Montmorency falls, and introduce with the charismatic history of the Citadelle of Quebec. All in all, Quebec City introduces Canada like nothing else and makes for a must visit.

 Go Orlando

Orlando theme park

When it comes to the best action and entertainment for families during Spring break time, Orlando is opted by many for its sheer number of theme parks, thrilling wildlife, kids-oriented camps and clubs, sporting events, Animal kingdom and a lot more. Don’t forget to make the bookings in advance as the place tends to get crowded during the spring vacation time.

 Enjoy the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona

Camel back mountain holds Phoenix, Arizona

After the long chilling months of winter, the warm weather of Phoenix is a delightful welcome for the families. If your little ones are a fan of baseball games, you might as well catch up some great teams in practice action. Take them to the desert botanical gardens along with the Arizona science centre and get wide-eyed with them seeing all the amazing experiments. Camel back mountain holds special interests for families looking for adventure.

An experience of Trondheim, Norway is like no other

Trondheim, Norway

We bet your kids will be boasting all year of their spring break vacation if you take them to Norway this time. This European destination is vibrant, colorful and offers a serene relaxation for the whole family. Hosting festivals almost all year around, Trondheim is the largest city in Norway and makes for a picture-perfect vacation. Take your kids for fishing, hiking, cycling and do a lot more together as a family.

The beaches of Miami, South Florida is worth your time

Miami, South Florida beaches

The best part about the destination of South Florida is that it has a perfect blend of serene beaches and tons of family friendly attractions. Whether it is the Everglades tour you’re interested in or the amazing museums that draw your attention, a spring break holiday in South Florida is sure to add to your memories beautifully.

The island state of Singapore is an experience to remember

singapore sentosa island

Hugely popular for its amazing Sentosa island, Universal studios, tragic historical evidence and wonderful attractions, Singapore might just be the amazing place your family needs right now. Take a trip on the Singapore eye and see the world from a different level altogether, literally. You can also enjoy the best of city’s street food and attractions in an economical way.

Lake Tahoe, California for a ski adventure

Lake Tahoe in California

You won’t find a kid saying no to a skiing vacation. What better place to grant them their wish than the Lake Tahoe in California? Not only is the place covered with an amazing 23 feet of snow this time of the season, you also get the resorts at a pretty economical rate during this time. Enjoy the best family time together at the ski-friendly destination.

Discover the best of Cuba

Mainland of Cayo Coco Cuba

From the world heritage sites to the best of museums, amazing weather and pristine white sandy beaches, a Cuban holiday is a perfect way to bond with family. Whether it is Varadeo, Cuba’s most sought after beach destination or the UNESCO world site of Trinidad, the glittering sea life of Guardalavaca or the cozy, isolated mainland of Cayo Coco; the Cuban holiday is perfect for your Spring break vacation.

Tucked cozily between the chilly winters and the sweaty summers, the spring break holidays are a time every family looks forward to. Be it the roller-coaster adventures or the beach relaxations; families are looking for a quality time together and Spring break gives them just that. Now that the Spring break vacations are around the corner, where’s your family headed to?


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