12 Cool Travel Accessories for women travellers

Women love to dress up and if the climate is fun and energetic, then it becomes their favorite time to travel. Women love to use colors in their apparel and accessories and they fit perfectly in the bold and beautiful category. It is worth every risk for them to keep trying new trends and take risks in checking out new outfits. It is something you just can’t live without. While some women go for just fashion statements, others prefer affordable picks and streamlined carry-ons which can transform them into one of those gorgeous chic. We have covered items in the list below beyond the very basics such as body lotion, sunscreens, sanitary requirements, wet wipes, and so on. So, if you are a vivid traveler, do check out our list of 12 cool travel accessories for women.

Travel Accessories for Women.

  1. Aviator

Sunglasses are one of the basic travel accessories for women. When the scorching heat goes beyond capacity and tolerance, the sunglasses give a soothing effect to your eyes. The modern style aviator is an all-time favorite since decades and the trend continues and remains a hit in every season. Popular round frames, mirrored lenses, cool shapes, updated colors, accentuated brow bars are easy pickup and cool travel accessories for women travelers.

  1. Collar Necklace

Chokers and collar necklaces are making in huge fashion statement in recent times. Women prefer being light on their neck with lovely sculptural quality to their looks. There was a time when women used to travel with large and heavy necklaces, but traveling with something light and fashionable has become a trend these days. They are one of the best women travel accessories which pair with the latest fashionable tops and dresses. It gives a simple neckline a scuttle yet a fashionable look.

  1. Huge Statement Earrings

You will find it very common that the size of the Necklaces is getting slimmer and earrings bigger with each passing year. This trend is going on as women prefer to wear something light on their neck and bold and large statement earrings are the fashion statements these days. A perfect match to pair with the off-the-shoulder tops, simple dresses, and neutral outfits is a shoulder-grazing earring. They would rock whichever season you wear them and are easy to pack. One of the ideal women travel accessories you should own.

  1. Round Crossbody

The round cross body bags are small, compact, popular and easy to carry the bare essentials that you require to look great when you leave for the day. It becomes relatively easier to track your belongings and being small in size, only your essentials can fit in. They are stylish and trendsetters and go as a perfect match to your large backpack. You can carry these anywhere so whether you are going shopping, museums, sightseeing or even a night out. This bag is one of the basic travel accessories for women travelers.

  1. Tied Ankles

Flip flops don’t match every occasion and destination, so women travelers prefer something really stylish and comfortable to wear. The spring’s ankle wrap ballet flat has turned into a fashion statement for women travelers. This trend goes perfectly with a shift dress, linen skirt or your denim shorts. These espadrilles come in different fun colors and patterns and would go perfectly with almost any outfit.

  1. Clog Sandals

The block heel and flatform sandals have quietly transformed into the clog sandal are quite popular and trending in the recent types. For all avid women travelers who love to travel with heels, this clog sandal is quite comfortable and a chic alternative. So get a change from normal flip flops or flat sandals into something really comfortable and fashionable in all seasons.

  1. Trendy smartphone

Your phone is no longer just an accessory used to make phone calls, it defines who you are. And carrying the latest smartphone with you is just what you would want to make a cool fashion statement. Today’s generation wants the smartphone with the latest features, applications to make things easier and simplified for you. Irrespective of what you do or what you want to do, there are applications to meet all your travel needs and requirements. With camera advanced features, you can click and edit photographs like a pro to meet your Selfie requirements.

  1. Mobile portable charger/Power bank

It is difficult for travelers especially women to stay without your phone. But with so many applications running on a smartphone, it becomes difficult for the phone battery to last more than a day. When you are traveling, it becomes a bit difficult to charge your phone as you may not have access to power always. Hence a good mobile power bank is one of the coolest and also one of the most important travel accessories for women travelers.

  1. DSLR

Get the best of your travel memories and relive those memories with picture perfect moments with the DSLR. So whether you want to share your moments or capture the beauty of the moment, get full control over the focus, exposure, and white balance. The modern DSLR comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi facility which gives you better performance in low lighting and with touchscreen capabilities. With camera accessories such as a tripod, cleaning cloth, SD card and card reader, you can carry all your moments along with you each time and share it with your loved ones whenever you want.

  1. Hardcover Travel journal

We may be in the electronic age, but it is always convenient and nice to carry something to pass the time when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi. A travel journal fits into this corner of your life where you get to express actually what you feel about yourself and the moment, rather than showcasing a personality to the social world. There are lots of women travelers who write travel blogs and entertain their readers with their adventurous write-ups. Ages may pass by, but you will always relive those cherished memories by going through your travel journal again. One of the coolest travel accessories for women travelers.

  1. Cosmetic Bag

Keeping track of all your basic essentials and cosmetics can be a bit irritating at times. And in those times when you are traveling, you may lose precious time in searching for them. We recommend all women travelers to pack all your makeup vanity and other basic accessories in one cosmetic bag and get ready to hit the road. So wherever you go, all your makeup and body touching accessories are in available in one counter and look fresh as ever.

  1. Travel Blanket and First Aid Kit

You would love that extra warmth during your journey with the travel blanket. So whether you are traveling by road or in the plane or even when you are in your hotel room. You should always be prepared to face those alien climatic conditions. These blankets can be very helpful especially when you are setting up camps or planning for a budget adventures. Also, a first aid kit can be very helpful to being prepared for any accidents or mishap. Let the cuts to motion sickness not hamper your travel enthusiasm.


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