10 Best Dishes of Singapore

Ethnically diverse, Singapore cuisine is a blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian and western influence. You can satiate your appetite by visiting the local food malls where a variety of Singapore food is served. The ethnic blend of spices and culinary art makes the dishes of the city extremely sumptuous and unique. But since the Singaporean cuisine has a distinctive taste, you need to develop its palate to like it, and the best way to do it is to start with the signature dishes of Singapore. Here’s the list.



A scrumptious meal in itself, Laksa is made using rice noodles in a spicy coconut curry. The curry is made using shrimp, egg, chicken meat and fish eggs. This dish has many variants but the one available in Singapore is called katong laksa, the one with cut-up noodles. Additionally, some vegetables and herbs are added to give a burst of flavors in your mouth.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

hokkien prawn mee

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An amazing combination of stir fried egg noodles. The delicious noodles are made of rice, and served along with prawns, squid, fish cake and cubes of fried pork fat cooked in a rich stock of prawns. This is a wholesome meal in itself. There’s an interesting story behind the invention of Hokkien Prawn Mee. Apparently, Hokkien Prawn Mee was invented by factory workers of Hokkien noodles who gathered along Rochor road and fried excess noodles that they had.

Bak Kut The

bak kut the

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An old dish that was supposedly discovered to revitalize the Chinese coolies, Bak Kut Teh is a simple dish made out of Pork Bones. Flavored with mild spices like Star Anise and some strong spices like pepper, this Pork Bone soup is famous as a highly flavored soup. For the best experience, select meat of pork ribs in the soup for a soft and tender bite. Its heavenly!

Tian Tian Chicken Rice

tian tian chicken rice

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One of the most famous food served at the street stalls of Singapore is Tian Tian Chicken Rice. Delicious with a sticky rice, Tian Tian is served with fragrant chicken and garlic broth accompanied by soft chicken. The delicious sauce served along with this rice has a ginger puree taste. All in all, this dish is a perfect combination of the spicy taste of ginger and garlic along with the fragrant chicken served with sticky rice. A favorite among the locals, make sure you taste this dish before you leave Singapore.

Chili Crab

chili crab

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Chili crab is basically a dish made of thick shell crabs cooked in a semi thick tomato gravy. Steamed crabs are partially cracked open and quick fried in a spicy paste that contains eggs, chili sauce and tomato ketchup. This mouth-watering crab dish is usually eaten with either rice or bread to soak up the gravy. Though your hands might get messy while eating it but it will surely satiate your appetite for juicy and delicious crabs.

Turnips Cake

turnips cake

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Also known as the Singapore Fried Cake, this dessert is made with preserved radishes, eggs and white radish flour. This a popular dish in both Singapore and Malaysia, and is equally loved by tourists coming to Singapore from all over the world. As colorful as this dish looks, so is the taste of this unique yet delicious dessert. Do give it a try.

Oyster Omlete

oyster omlete

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As different as this sounds, this is a popular dish among the Singapore hawker food stalls and night markets. This dish is loved many locals and foreigners alike. Made with eggs, usually potato starch is used when frying the eggs to give a thicker and fuller taste. Topped with coriander, this dish is accompanied with a special chili that is marinated in vinegar.

Barbequed Stingray

barbequed stingray

This dish also known as Ikan Bakar in the local dialect is made using Stingrays. The Stingray is wrapped in a banana leaf and is barbequed. The wonderful smell of banana leaf wraps the fish making it irresistible. Once it is barbequed, a sambal paste is made of spices, Indian walnuts, belachan, and shallots and is applied generously over the fish. This sumptuous dish is served hot with a squeeze of lemon.

Ais Kacang

ais kacang

The word literally means Ice Beans. The best way to beat the heat in Singapore is to have Ais Kacang. Made using shaved ice, jelly, red beans and sweet syrup, this dish is a real thirst quencher. Variations of this dish includes using sweet corn, condensed milk, mango, Basil seeds, or ice cream. You will find this dish being served in malls, hawker stands, and food centers. Famous among the locals as ABC, this dish is loved by tourists.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

A rich variation of dish made from rice, Nasi Lemak is made by steaming rice with coconut cream to give it a sweet smell of coconut. As a side dish, sliced cucumbers and sambal paste is served along with this dish. Accompanied with peanuts and fried fish or chicken wings, this dish was once the food for breakfast. But now, people also have it for lunch or dinner. After having this scrumptious meal, giving out a burp is not a sin.

We selected the ten best dishes for you based on the popularity but there are several more of such amazing dishes in the Singaporean cuisine that are worth dying for. Besides these the fried carrot cake, Dim sum, Bak Chor Mee, and a lot more names are sure to steal your heart and leave your tummy singing. Do try them all.

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